Star Botanicals Vendor Review

Let’s face it — a big chunk that makes up whether or not you choose to buy from a specific vendor would be their branding. That’s why premium packaging, sophisticated websites, and witty copy all make a difference when it comes to a buyer’s selection process. Brands that invest in their identity are more likely to appear trustworthy, reputable, and well, just more appealing all together.

That’s why stumbling on websites like that of Star Botanicals can be an instant deterrent for some buyers. Their lack of a proper logo, pixelated images, and massive blocks of text just exude shady vendor vibes. But is there more to them than meets the eye?


Star Botanicals Vendor Review


Reviews About Star Botanicals Kratom Vendor

With a measly 42 likes on their Facebook page, Star Botanicals definitely doesn’t come at you with much of a reputation. In fact, there’s only one thread on all of Reddit that talks about Star Botanicals, and the post comes from a Redditor with no activity other than the said post. Pretty shady, if you ask us.

Other than that, Star Botanicals doesn’t have a Google Business Page. In fact, Googling their name turns up a number of articles and resources that talk about a completely different brand all together because of the similarities between their names.

Unfortunately, searching for Star Botanicals reviews might also leave you disappointed, as the brand doesn’t seem to be known by too many buyers on the kratom market. This runs contrary to the statement on their website that claims they’re the ‘leading’ supplier of kratom and ethonobotanicals.


The Star Botanicals Product Line-Up

Let us start off by saying that there are a lot of products on the Star Botanicals website. So much so, that it might seem a little messy and confusing at times. Their main offer however, remains to be kratom. As of writing, there are about nine different kratom powder strains on their line-up, including choices like Green Malay, Red Vein Vietnam, and White Thai. They also sell kratom capsules, but in a limited selection.

The reason why Star Botanicals might not be a fit for all buyers is because they don’t sell their kratom products in small packages. Their smallest offer sits at 1oz, but they only offer White Thai in that particular weight. All of their other kratom powders are sold in packs of 7oz, 16oz, or 1kg, which might be too much if you’re just looking to give their stuff a shot.

On the upside, Star Botanicals is one of the few vendors out that that sells living kratom plants. Yup, you read that right. This brand offers a live kratom plant, specifically the bumblebee strain, which they claim to have obtained from the forests of Vietnam. Stocks are limited and run out pretty quickly, especially since the vendor cultivates and cuts the plants from their own growth.

Star Botanicals’ website is rich with a variety of other ethnobotanicals and plants. Their ultimate goal is to become the most trusted one-stop shop for all things natural wellness. Needless to say, they do offer some pretty interesting and unique products including bulk organic herbs, organic fruits, and yup, even poppy seeds.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Star Botanicals Pricing and Coupon Codes

Now, we wouldn’t say that Star Botanicals has the cheapest stuff around, but their products do fall right within the range of prices for kratom on the market today. An ounce of their stuff goes for as low as $6.78, but there are some strains that they sell for as much as $12.34 per ounce. Their 7oz packets go for $32.10, their 1lb for $70, and their kilograms for as low as $120.

Keep in mind that these prices aren’t fixed, and the brand seems to reduce prices depending on the age of their stocks. That is, as certain products push their shelf life, the brand cuts down on prices to get them to sell faster.

Capsules go for $7.77 per ounce, which might be just within the price range for similar products available on the market. Their live kratom plant sells for just $50, but they don’t really state how large the plant is. For reference, other vendors that sell living kratom plants offer established saplings at 4 to 6 inches, or 10 to 12 inches in height.

Unfortunately for the bargain hunter, Star Botanicals isn’t really much of a discount kind of brand. It seems that the vendor isn’t too invested in retaining customers since they don’t have a mailing list or even an introductory discount. But even then, they have been known to put random items on sale as they please, so you’re likely to find a price cut for select items every time you visit their website.


Star Botanicals Vendor


The Verdict on Star Botanicals

All things considered, Star Botanicals gets their kicks through their exceedingly wide range of botanicals, kratom products, and living plants. Other than that though, it seems that there’s really nothing that sets this vendor apart especially since their prices aren’t any lower than what you would usually find elsewhere.

That said, if you were hoping to get your hands on high quality kratom, Star Botanicals might not be the place since they don’t really say a lot about where their kratom comes from and what it’s chemical quality is. But even then, their extensive selection might be more than enough to get you to take interest in their products.