The Golden Monk Kratom Vendor Review

Free shipping, ultra affordable kratom kilos, and loyalty points with each purchase? Yes please. The Golden Monk is shaping up to be one of the biggest contenders on the kratom scene, offering a wide range of quality kratom products at competitive prices.

But more than just their overwhelming line-up of various kratom products and veins, the brand takes the buyer experience up a notch with their satisfaction guarantee. Together with their rewards program, free shipping offer, and seasonal sales and discounts, it’s easy to see how the Golden Monk has risen through the ranks in such a short time.


The Golden Monk Kratom Vendor Review


The Golden Monk Review

The Golden Monk is a Las Vegas-based kratom vendor that offers both retail and wholesale products. They’re pretty well-known compared to many other of their competitors, so you should expect to find a wealth of reviews about the brand, their service, and their product quality.

For the most part, reviews from verified buyers are almost always positive, with lots of patrons highly appreciative of the brand’s quick response, speedy ship out times, and premium quality kratom products that live up to expectations.


The Golden Monk Product Line-Up

As of writing, the Golden Monk’s entire product line-up focuses only on kratom powder. And while some buyers might think that limits the selection, this allows the Golden Monk to ensure the quality of all of their offers as opposed to juggling too many products and potentially falling short of their standard.

The brand offers 16 different kratom powders, incorporating a mix of strains and veins – some of which are common, others slightly rarer. This includes picks like Red Borneo Kratom, Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom, and White Bali Kratom. They also offer a split kilogram option that lets you get 500g of one strain and 500g of another for a lower price than buying them separately.

For those who want something a little easier to dose and to take, the brand also has kratom capsules. These capsules incorporate the same powders on their line-up, giving buyers the option to choose the kratom strain contained in the gelatine capsule.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


What’s It Going to Cost Me?

Unlike other brands that price their products depending on the vein or strain, the Golden Monk doesn’t vary their prices. So, all of their powders cost the same, regardless of what type you’re buying.

A 250 gram pack retails for $39.99, 500 grams retail for $69.99, and their biggest pack sells for $89.99 per kilo. If you’re interested in buying 500 grams of two different kratom varieties without having to pay more than $89.99, the brand offers a half and half kilo option that lets you split the 1kg weight between two kratom varieties.

The Golden Monk’s capsules on the other hand retail for $44.99 for 250 caps. They also have capsules in packs of 500, 1000, or 2000 which cost $67.99, $135.99, and $254.99 respectively.


The Golden Monk Coupon Code

One of the ways that the Golden Monk continues to hold on to its lofty seat versus many of its competitors is because of its free priority shipping on orders upwards of $49.99. The offer is automatically applied to eligible orders, so you won’t have to enter a coupon code to get the discount.

Other than that, the brand also has a rewards program that lets you earn one point for every $10 you spend. These points can be used towards future purchases, letting you shave down the cost of your next orders the more than you buy.

But it doesn’t end there. The Golden Monk also has a lucky wheel spin that pops up on their website the longer you stick around. Spinning the wheel can earn you as much as 10% off on your order, with the coupon code send straight to your email address after you spin.

Entering your email address also enrolls you in the Golden Monk’s mailing list. Through their routine emails, they send list members new promotional offers, discount vouchers, and coupon codes that the brand only gives out to those who sign up for their newsletter.


The Golden Monk Consumer Reputation

Offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee, the Golden Monk works hard to make sure that their buyers get their money’s worth. This means that the brand will completely refund whatever amount you spend on their products if it turns out that they don’t meet your expectations.

On the downside however, the Golden Monk website doesn’t use a consumer generated content verifier, so there’s no way to tell whether the reviews left behind are coming from actual buyers.


The Golden Monk Kratom Vendor


The Golden Monk Customer Support

The Golden Monk is pretty quick to respond, taking no more than 24 hours during working days to reply to questions and concerns from buyers and prospects. Their Contact Us page provides various methods for readers to reach out to the company’s customer support specialists, including a contact form, email address, telephone number, and two physical addresses.


The Bottom Line

The Golden Monk delivers satisfaction with their 100% satisfaction guarantee, their free shipping offer, and their loyalty program that keeps buyers coming back for more. Offering a wide range of kratom powders at impressively competitive prices, the Golden Monk ensures that every buyer can get their hands on quality product.

While their website might not use a consumer generated content verifier, there’s a wealth of resources online that talk about the brand, their products, and their stellar customer support. So if you were hoping to experience seamless kratom shopping that delivers quality product, the Golden Monk might be worth a shot.


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