Valkyrie Kratom Vendor Review

Valkyrie Kratom was recently acquired by Carolina Kratom, and it seems all of their products have been consolidated into just one brand. That means that when you visit the Carolina Kratom webpage, you’re not going to find Valkyrie Kratom branded products despite the offers being pretty much the same as what Valkyrie used to sell.

The brand sells all sorts of kratom essentials like powders, capsules, liquid extract, tablets, powdered extracts, and other botanicals. Their selection touts all-natural formulation and promises reasonable prices for buyers who don’t want to step over their budget.


Valkyrie Kratom Vendor


Valkyrie Kratom Review

It’s always nice to shop from a vendor that offers verified consumer reviews right on their webpage. Unfortunately, that can’t be said for Carolina Kratom. While their products are all listed pretty neatly on their e-commerce store, they don’t have a feature that checks the legitimacy of buyers’ feedback. So basically anyone can leave a review, which can be prone to fake feedback.

That said, you’re going to have to do a little digging if you’re interested in learning more about the brand. On the upside, there are quite a few reviews for Valkyrie. But since being acquired by Carolina Kratom, it would be wise to read reviews for Carolina instead. The issue is that the brand’s name makes it tough to find actual reviews, since search engines tend to come up with lists of Carolina vendors instead of reviews for the brand itself.


Valkyrie Kratom Product Line-Up

Carolina Kratom offers kratom powder as their bread and butter. Their selection includes all of the favorites that you’re used to seeing, and a few kratom powder rarities that might not be too easy to find. With basics like the Balis, Borneos, and Maeng Das in all the three major vein colors, you’ll be sure to find a kratom powder that matches exactly what you need.

They also have some interesting finds like Orange Bali, King Blend, Cash Blend, and Great White which combine some of the brand’s most popular strains to bring buyers a combination of various benefits all rolled into one potent powder.

For first time kratom users, Carolina Kratom offers a Beginner Pack that contains six pouches of 30g each. They also offer split kilos that let you build your own pack by choosing four strains of your choice. Other than that, they also sell liquid extract, capsules, and tablets, among many other non-kratom botanicals.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that they also sort their kratom products by farmer. What’s the benefit in that, you ask? Simple. If and when you find a kratom product that works for you, then you can keep buying that same product from the exact same farmer to make sure that you’re getting the same quality and benefits every time.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


What’s It Going to Cost Me?

The Carolina Kratom powder selection starts at $12.62 for 30 grams of product. They also offer 100 gram pouches for $22.91 or 250 grams for $37.23. Their Beginner Pack sells for $65 for 180 grams of six different strains, letting you save close to $8.

If you’re looking to buy their split kilos, they offer the package for an average of $107.69 which definitely isn’t the cheapest kilo you’ll get, but is definitely right within industry pricing. Capsules on the other hand sell for $15.13 for 65 count, $23.08 for 100 count, and $45.93 for 250 count.

Liquid extracts tend to vary widely in pricing which is mainly because each one uses a unique formulation. On average though, you should expect to pay between $10 to $15 for a 12mL vial.


Valkyrie Kratom Coupon Code

Valkyrie Kratom and Carolina Kratom aren’t exactly too big on discounts. In fact, they don’t even have a mailing list. Nonetheless, they do bake in some discounts into their products directly so you can reap a price cut without having to Google coupon code. Their split kilos are actually buy three 250g packs and get one free, which means you get the fourth 250g pack at no added cost. What’s more, they also offer free shipping so you don’t have to pay extra on top of the products you’re buying.


Valkyrie Kratom Consumer Reputation

Both Valkyrie and Carolina Kratom have relatively positive reputations throughout the kratom market, and that’s mainly because of the quality of the products they offer. If there’s anything that might have earned them a bad rap now and again, it’s their slow refund process. Although they do offer a money-back guarantee, the time it takes to process the requests is pretty long, leaving many buyers disgruntled and inconvenienced.


Valkyrie Kratom Vendor Review


Valkyrie Kratom Customer Support

They’re not the fastest to respond, but they do respond. Valkyrie Kratom lets you reach out to them through their hotlines, email addresses, or even through their local store which is located in Georgia. They also have offices in Portugal where their main headquarters are located.


The Verdict on Valkyrie Kratom

Valkyrie Kratom offers an impressive selection of products, including some rare finds and botanicals that might further enrich your kratom user experience. On the downside, they might not be too quick to process a return or refund request. But with their potent products, fair prices, and the wealth of positive reviews through forums like Reddit, they might just be able to meet (or even exceed) the average kratom user’s expectations.