West Coast Kratom Vendor Review

Another head shop brand? You best believe it. It’s really not that hard to get your hands on cheap bulk kratom these days, especially with Southeast Asian vendors selling local kratom in bulk to US-based buyers. That’s why almost anyone can start up their own low-budget kratom brand these days. And isn’t that what a head shop brand is, after all?

West Coast Kratom is one of many vape shop vendors that exists on the market today. Having been around since 2011, this brand has maintained is presence not really because of the caliber of their kratom, but simply because they’ve been around since before a lot of other brands were founded.


West Coast Kratom Vendor Review


West Coast Kratom Review

There isn’t a lot of talk about West Coast Kratom and for good reasons. The first is because they don’t have too much of an online presence, with their most recent Facebook posts dating back to 2011. Their Twitter on the other hand has been completely overtaken by spam posts.

On top of that, they don’t have a website anymore. But because they’ve also claimed that they don’t do business face-to-face, it’s not entirely clear where or how they manage to get their buyers. That said, no one really has access to their offers aside from the people in their locality who probably don’t feel the need to take to the internet and share their insight.


West Coast Kratom Product Line-Up

According to their Twitter bio, the brand is the ‘#1 supplier of bulk kratom capsules and powders in the West Coast.’ Now that’s definitely a big claim, and based on what they show through their socials, it’s pretty hard to believe.

And since the brand’s website has since been taken down, it’s tough to find out what products they sell. But based on information posted through Twitter, it seems that West Coast Kratom offers a modest selection of powders and capsules including:

It doesn’t say how small their retail packets are, but we can assume that they sell most of their products in bulk.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


What’s It Going to Cost Me?

Again, there’s no way to tell. Since West Coast Kratom has taken down its website, and because their socials have been dormant for years, there aren’t any recent updates we can rely on to find out how much their products cost.

Considering that they are a head shop brand however, we can assume that they sell their products at slightly higher prices than your average vendor. That’s because head shops typically target buyers who are left without any other choices, so they can get away with steeper prices that desperate buyers are often willing to pay.


West Coast Kratom Coupon Code

Way back when they operated online, the West Coast Kratom brand offered a bunch of discount deals on their website. They even had a Weekly Specials offer that let buyers get their hands on discounted products and promotional offers which changed every week.

These days however, it’s tough to tell how to get a discount through West Coast Kratom. According to a response that the brand left behind on a Google Business Page review three years ago, they are ‘strictly an online vendor’ and they don’t sell any of their products through a physical store. But because they don’t have a website these days, it’s tough to tell where you might be able to purchase their stuff all together.


West Coast Kratom Consumer Reputation

There are about four reviews for West Coast Kratom online, and all of them are posted through the brand’s Google Business Page. While three of them claim that the brand has stellar products, one claims that they’re not the best in terms of customer support.

Presently, it’s not entirely clear whether West Coast Kratom is even still operational. According to their Google Business Page, they remain open, however there isn’t any indication of whether they do business physically or if they’ve decided to sell their products online again. Our best guess is that they’re probably supplying to other head shops and emporiums both on and offline.


West Coast Kratom Vendor


West Coast Kratom Customer Support

The brand has both a hotline and a physical address listed on their socials, but according to a response they left to one review, their hotline is strictly for billing concerns and their physical address is only an admin office and shipping warehouse. So if you were hoping to get in touch with them, the best route would be through their socials. Then again, their pages haven’t seen any updates in the past few years, so there’s really no guarantee you can get a response.


The Verdict on West Coast Kratom

While they were full of promise for a while, it seems that West Coast Kratom is on it’s way to dying a natural death, at least in terms of its retail facet. With no way to get in touch with the brand both through the web and physically, it’s hard to say whether they’ve closed for good or if they’ve found a bunch of bulk buyers and resellers that they sell their kratom to in large amounts. So while we’d love to tell you to give their products a try, there’s really no way to make a purchase for the meantime.