YoKratom Vendor Review – Another Unfortunate Victim

The feds are working hard to crack down on kratom, and countless vendors have taken a hit in the process. While many of the biggest names in the biz do what they can to protect their brand, there are a few unfortunate victims who serve the purpose of a cautionary tale. YoKratom is one of them.

When they first started out, YoKratom was easily one of the hottest new names on the market. Their range of choices and excellent product made buyers flock like nobody’s business. But a single raid is all it would take to bring that budding business to a screeching halt.

YoKratom Reviews

A bunch of dated reviews for YoKratom point to a more pleasant past. The vendor was once recognized as one of the up-and-comers, providing buyers a wealth of options at affordable prices. But more than the economic advantage of their selection, YoKratom wowed the crowds with their superb herb that just tipped the potency scales.

That was up until two years ago, when they encountered the biggest hit their business would ever have to deal with. YoKratom unfortunately had a run in with the authorities, having their entire inventory raided. Losing several hundreds of kilograms of product, the business succumbed to immense financial losses.

While their patronage would have appreciated some good old-fashioned honesty, the people behind YoKratom used some pretty dirty tactics to earn back what they lost. The vendor continued to take orders for their products without sending anything out, leaving their buyers hanging.

YoKratom vendor review

Some customers claimed that they received packages several weeks or months after placing their order, and that the product was nowhere near the original kratom they used to enjoy from the brand. Majority of those who purchased however claim that they couldn’t even get a hold of the YoKratom customer support department.

Although it’s understandable that the vendor suffered major losses, the fact that they would resort to such scheming tactics sheds a lot of light on the integrity of their management. That’s why many of those who used to enjoy the vendor have stopped supporting them and have taken to the web to warn others of the dangers.

What Do They Offer?

The YoKratom website closed down just a few months after the big raid, so there’s nowhere to find an index of all the products they used to offer. Nonetheless, numerous sources have detailed the kinds of products you can expect at YoKratom, and their varied selection included:

Sure, it’s probably not as extensive as the product line-ups you’d usually find these days. But they definitely offered just enough choices to satisfy the needs of most kratom users. They also offered these choices in capsule form for those who might want something a little more convenient.

Package sizes for their powders started at small 1oz packets, to their largest bag at 1kg each. Capsules came in resealable bags as well and were sold by weight instead of by count, so their biggest bags of capsules contained 1kg of product.

What Will It Cost?

Prices at YoKratom were exceptionally low, and that’s why they used to get so much patronage. Their kilograms would sell for a measly $59.99 each, a record-breaking low for a US-based vendor. For comparison, ‘budget-friendly’ vendors often price their kilos at $60 to $70, which places YoKratom at the floor of the price range.

Interestingly however, their capsules weren’t quite as affordable. A kilogram of capsules could set you back as much as $179.99 each — more than double the price of the powder. You also have to consider the fact that the capsule itself would make up a portion of that weight, so you’re actually getting less kratom when you buy capsules.

Although their products were pretty cheap to begin with, YoKratom was no stranger to the occasional coupon code or discount voucher. The brand had their own newsletter where they would regularly send out promotional offers to their patrons and fans. They also hosted regular giveaways on their Twitter account which they kept pretty active up until they gave up the ghost.

Finally, it’s worth noting that YoKratom was big on routine sales. They would often cut the prices for their powders down to $49.99 per kilo during seasonal sales, making their product even more irresistible to their buyers. Of course, quality wasn’t as great later on, but the prices were definitely lower than anything else you might find.

The Verdict

YoKratom had a lot going for it, but you can rely on the feds to mess up a perfectly good vendor. On the other hand, they were dealt a bad card but that wasn’t really a license for them to do whatever the heck they wanted just to earn back what they lost.

At the end of the day, they double-crossed their trusting consumer base to cover up their losses, ultimately resulting in their premature closure. On the upside, there are lots of other kratom vendors out there selling similar if not better product, but of course, there’s still no beating YoKratom prices.

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