Zen Kratom Vendor Review

For every reputable, premier kratom brand out there, there are about a dozen head shop brands. Now, don’t get us wrong, head shop brands have their rightful place in the kratom circle of life. For the most part, they serve the purpose of bridging the stash gap when you run out, need a dose, and just can’t wait for your next delivery to arrive.

One of the better-known head shop brands you’ll find goes by the name of Zen Kratom. The proponent of what they call the first ever liquid kratom shot, Zen Kratom offers a range of products that are sold through hundreds of partner retailers across the country. But for as popular as they might be, the question remains — should you buy from Zen?


Zen Kratom Vendor Review


Zen Kratom Review

Well, their stuff is strong, that’s for sure. So strong in fact that there have been some complaints about it being a little too strong, even for the experienced kratom user. Some even speculate that the reason for the unprecedented strength of Zen’s products is because they mix in a enhancers that emphasize the plant’s effects, but there isn’t really any information to prove or refute that.

On the other hand however, Zen Kratom doesn’t post any lab results or certificates of analysis to illustrate that their products are pure and unadulterated as they claim. So the sheer potency of their formulations remain a massive question to more discriminating buyers who want to make sure of the safety of the products they buy.


Zen Kratom Product Line-Up

A Google search doesn’t immediately turn up results for Zen Kratom’s website. Instead, you’re going to have to visit their Facebook page where they post the link for their site. But as you click through to Zen-Kratom.com, you’ll get redirected to HorizonWholesale.com which is the mother company behind the Zen Kratom brand. There they list all of the products they have for sale.

Some of them include:

  • XXX Ultra Premium Kratom Extract Shot
  • Ultra Premium Kratom Extract Capsules
  • Ultra Premium Crushed Leaf Kratom
  • Ultra Premium Liquid Kratom Extract

There are a bunch of other products on the HorizonWholesale.com website that come from other brands under the same umbrella company. But if you were interested in strictly Zen brand products, these four are the only ones they offer.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


What’s It Going to Cost Me?

As expected, Zen Kratom’s line of products is pretty expensive. But since they’re also unbelievably potent. So while you might spend more for a single bottle or capsule, you can expect to use less than your usual dose since they provide significantly powerful effects.

Prices for their products are as follows:

  • Ultra Premium Liquid Kratom Extract – $14.95 per bottle or $568 for 40 bottles
  • XXX Ultra Premium Kratom Extract Shot – $15.95 per bottle. $183 for 12 bottles, or $363.60 for 24 bottles
  • Ultra Premium Kratom Extract Capsules – $8.95 per capsule, $17.60 for 2, $26.30 for 3, $43.60 for 5, $204 for 24
  • Ultra Premium Crushed Leaf Kratom – $9.25 for 10ct, $14.40 for 20ct, $24.50 for 40ct

Obviously, their prices aren’t exactly what you might call cheap. If you were planning to use their stuff for the long haul, then it’s important that you ready your wallet for a whole lot of spending. Otherwise, the Zen line of kratom products might be better intended for use every once in a while when you need a strong enough kick.


Zen Kratom Coupon Code

As with any other head shop brand, Zen Kratom isn’t the kind to release coupon codes and promotional offers too often. Nonetheless, anyone hoping to get a discount on their stuff might want to connect with the brand through their socials. Do note however that they rarely post these days, which means the chances of getting a coupon code are pretty slim.


Consumer Reputation

So, what are buyers saying about Zen? Well, the most common comment that people have is that their stuff is really strong. Zen’s kratom products — whether the extract shots or capsules — are all fully capable of knocking out even the most seasoned kratom users. That said, many of those who have tried the stuff recommend that users take the stuff when they know they won’t have to make any dire decisions.

Do keep in mind though that there’s also a growing number of people who warn against using Zen Kratom all together. The Horizon Wholesale Company is the same entity behind the VivaZen line of kratom shots, and there have been multiple reports of people experiencing severe side effects and adverse reactions as a result of VivaZen use.

Now if Zen Kratom’s formulations are anything similar, then there may be some real danger to using them. Adding fuel to that fire is the fact that Zen’s formulations don’t come with any sort of lab reports or certificates of analysis, leading buyers to feel apprehensive about their products.


Zen Kratom Vendor


Zen Kratom Customer Support

For a while, Zen Kratom was pretty responsive through their socials. But they seem to have abandoned their pages which haven’t seen any updates for the past several years. That said, the best way to reach out to them would be through their contact form, their hotline, or their email address which are all available through their website.


The Verdict on Zen Kratom

Their strong formulations and interesting kratom liquid shots may attract your attention, but tread with caution. The brand’s expensive products don’t come with any analysis reports. And because their sister company has recently been under fire for allegedly mixing chemical enhancers into their formulations, it would be best to tread with caution when experimenting with Zen’s line of kratom offers.