Zodiac Kratom Vendor Review

Kratom has become one of the most prominent medicinal herbs out there, second only to hemp. And with such popularity, it really comes as no surprise that kratom has also become pretty widespread as a commercial good. These days, there are several hundred (or perhaps even thousand) kratom vendors out there, all claiming to sell the best stuff you ever did try.

Zodiac Kratom is no different. This gaudy kratom seller brags that they have the ‘#1 kratom in the USA’, which is definitely not a minor claim. But with all the flashy promotional copy and the unrealistic claims, many buyers view Zodiac as just another head shop brand that completely misses the mark. The question is — are they right?


Zodiac Kratom Vendor Review


Zodiac Kratom Review

There aren’t a lot of reviews out there for Zodiac Kratom, probably because they aren’t as popular as they like to imagine themselves to be. The small start-up brand is run and operated by a crew of about 20 people, give or take. So there’s really not a lot of manpower to push their name into the limelight.

In general, though, it seems that most buyers agree that Zodiac does offer potent product, it’s really just the lack of documentation that’s disturbing. What’s more, it seems that Zodiac Kratom has completely given up on their website, with their domain presently listed as available. Nonetheless, their products are still available through online kratom emporiums and physical head shops.


Zodiac Kratom Product Line-Up

In true head shop brand fashion, Zodiac Kratom only has a limited number of products on their list. This includes Red Label Kratom which is Malay, Black Label which is Maeng Da, and Blue Label which is Bali. Other than these three choices, it seems that the brand doesn’t offer anything else.

In terms of package sizes, Zodiac Kratom once again likes to keep things restricted and limited. They only offer their powders in packages of 3oz or 8oz, so if you were interested in buying bulk, Zodiac might not be the best choice.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


What’s It Going to Cost Me?

Despite being a head shop brand, it seems that Zodiac plays by the rules in terms of pricing. The brand offers their 3oz packs at $14, and their 8oz packs at $30. Considering the point that a lot of vape shop brands tend to sell their stuff at significantly higher prices than legitimate vendors, it’s worth saying that Zodiac Kratom actually has the upper hand in terms of product costs.


Zodiac Kratom Coupon Code

But alas, their fair prices still don’t make up for the absolute lack of promotional offers. Since they don’t have a website, there’s no way you can get discounts and price cuts from the brand itself. Instead, if you were hoping to get a good deal on Zodiac Kratom’s stuff, you’d have to look for an emporium or a vape shop that’s out to sell their products for a lower price.

And that’s where the issue of better, cheaper product comes in. Since Zodiac Kratom is still slightly over the usual price for kratom, you could actually get a much better deal if you just purchased your product online from a reputable vendor. Lots of sellers provide various promotional offers and price cuts so you get more quality kratom without actually having to pay more.


Zodiac Kratom Consumer Reputation

It seems that the general public understands that Zodiac’s products aren’t powders per se. As with many other kratom head shop brands, the Zodiac brand sells a mix of powder and extract which gives their products a stronger kick. That said, you may want to keep your dosage amount under control if you don’t want to be overwhelmed with the effects of their product.

But despite their generally lower prices and their reasonable product quality, it seems that Zodiac still reaps the downsides of being recognized as a head shop brand. That said, most buyers tend to frown upon their products, not only because they’re sold through vape shops, but also because they lack the proper documentation to prove their bold claims.

Zodiac Kratom doesn’t hold back in terms of all the flashy promotional copy they use to reel in their buyers. But since they can’t really substantiate all of their crazy claims, buyers steer clear in fear that they might be trying to overcompensate for something.


Zodiac Kratom Customer Support

Way back when they had a website, Zodiac Kratom was recognized as one of the more reliable brands in terms of responding to their buyers’ concerns. They were prompt and professional, and they really leveraged that customer support facet to their benefit. Unfortunately, since their website shut down, the brand is no longer available to buyers who want to ask about their products.

These days, the best way to get any sort of support for whatever Zodiac Kratom product you purchase would be through the vendor that you bought it from. Even then, there’s no guarantee that you’d be able to get your money back in case the product didn’t meet expectations or caused some unwanted side effects.


Zodiac Kratom Vendor


The Verdict on Zodiac Kratom

It’s a bit of a hit or miss on this one. While they do offer okay products at reasonable prices, the main issue is that there are way too many options available out there that offer better products for less. But if you were caught in a bind and there wasn’t any other way to get your hands on some kratom, then the Zodiac Kratom brand’s products might be a suitable alternative while you wait for your kratom staple order to be delivered to your doorstep.