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White Dragon Kratom: Benefits, Effects & Dosage Insights

White Dragon is a relatively new strain on the market, and it is taking the market by storm. But you may be surprised to hear that it is not actually a strain but rather a mixture of two more popular white strains. In the guide, we’ll uncover these two strains and break down the parent strains blended in White Dragon so you can be better informed about White Dragon’s potential benefits and effects.

White Dragon Kratom: A Special Blend

You might be accustomed to the usual white-vein strains, which are notable for their stimulatory, energizing, and mood-boosting effects which makes them ideal for daytime use. Although White Dragon Kratom is a white strain, it is not your typical strain because it is actually a blend of two popular white kratom strains, White Elephant and White Maeng Da. Here is a breakdown of each of the white strains in the White Dragon kratom blend

StrainOriginPotential Effects
White Maeng DaThailandEnergy boosting, enhanced focus, mood elevation
White ElephantIndonesia Mild stimulation, increased energy and focus, mood enhancement

White Maeng Da is a strong and highly popular member of the white-vein family due to its in-your-face stimulatory effects, while White Elephant is a lesser-known white strain, although still widely popular in the white vein category which is known for its unique and large leaves from where it gets its name. Because White Dragon is a mixture of these two strains, its effects are also reported to provide a blend of the potential benefits of the two parent strains.

The Alkaloid Content: Setting White Dragon Apart

The main active compounds leading to the effects and benefits of White Dragon are called alkaloids. The two major alkaloids are mitragynine, contributing to over half the strains total alkaloid content, and 7-hydroxymitragynine, constituting about about 2% (but 30x more potent than mitragynine).

Apart from these, there are over 40 other alkaloids present, not limited to speciociliatine, isopaynantheine, corynantheidine, tetrahydroalstonine, corynoxine and speciogynine just to name a few. The exact mechanisms of these secondary alkaloids and their role in the totality of effects has not been well documented, however they may play a part in the effects of White Dragon and its parent strains.

Because it’s a blend of two potent strains, beginners might expect White Dragon’s effects to be more intense than some of your slower white veins like Borneo and Indo. The potential stimulation and energy-boosting properties of White Dragon also make it an ideal variety for daytime use.

Potential Benefits and Effects of White Dragon

As a specialty blend of White Maeng Da and White Elephant, White Dragon”s effects may closely align with what the parent strains have to offer. The most notable and potent potential benefits are the strong energy-boost and moderate mood boosting effects. White Dragon may provide the boost you need to combat the harder and longer days where extra energy is direly needed.

At the same time, White Dragon may also enhance your focus, improving the sharpness of your mind and concentration. On days when you need clarity to get things done, this special blend might just become your next favorite companion.

White Dragon’s stimulating effects may also be associated with improving your overall mood so you get things done while still feeling productive and positive. In turn, the mood-boosting properties of the strain may also be helpful during social gatherings, helping to possibly improve how you interact with others in those settings.

Despite White Maeng Da being one of the parent strains, White Dragon may have a slight decrease in intensity because of White Elephant’s mildness. While White Maeng Da is known to be harder and faster hitting, its duration may be slightly shorter. On the flip side, White Elephant, although still relatively strong in the energy-boosting department, is known to be slightly gentler and perhaps last slightly longer. The combo of the two parent strains in White Dragon might make it an ideal balance between the two, and possibly why it is a strain that is often favored by many.

Possible Side Effects of White Dragon

White Dragon poses risks that are shared with all other kratom strains and products due to the primary alkaloids that are shared between them. Staying within the recommended dosage ranges may help reduce these side effects but may not eliminate them completely.

Side EffectDescriptionConsiderations
NauseaCan range from mild discomfort to severe nausea, often a result of high dosages or individual sensitivity.Start with lower doses and adjust based on personal tolerance and response.
LightheadednessMight experience dizziness or vertigo, impacting daily activities.Reduce dosage or stop usage; ensure you’re well-hydrated.
Digestive IssuesIncludes changes in digestion such as constipation and diarrhea.Maintain an active lifestyle and increase fluid intake.
HeadachesSome users may report headaches, potentially due to dehydration or specific strain reactions.Decrease the dosage or discontinue use and hydrate well.
Sleep Disturbances May affect sleep patterns, leading to insomnia or excessive sleepiness at high doses.Adjust the dose accordingly or cease use if sleep is affected.
Gastrointestinal DiscomfortGeneral stomach and digestive discomfort.Consider eating lighter and possibly adjusting your diet.
ConstipationA common issue associated with kratom use.Increase dietary fiber intake and hydration.
Increased PerspirationNotable sweating not related to physical exertion.Keep cool environments and stay hydrated.
Mood VariabilityMay experience mood swings or increased irritability.Observe any significant mood changes and consult a professional if necessary.
Blood Pressure FluctuationsRisk of elevated or lowered blood pressure.Monitor blood pressure regularly, especially for individuals with pre-existing conditions.
Eye WobblesChallenges in focusing vision, leading to discomfort.Consider lowering the dosage or discontinuing if persistent.
VomitingSevere nausea leads to vomiting, particularly at higher doses.Start with smaller doses and halt use if vomiting occurs.
DependencyRisk of developing tolerance and potential dependence with frequent use.Periodically take breaks from using to reduce the risk of dependency.

More serious and rare side effects are also possible with White Dragon, however these are much more common in those mixing White Dragon with medications and drugs, in those using high dosages or extracted products, and in those with certain health conditions. Regardless, one should always discuss the use of kratom with the doctor prior to use due to the risks associated with it.

Habit formation is another risk to consider with White Dragon. Due to kratom’s primary alkaloids, they could cause physical and mental dependency with repeated use. Therefore, one should avoid daily usage of the strain and not use higher than recommended dosages to reduce these habit-formation risks.

White Dragon: Recommended Dosage

One should always stay within the dosage recommendations in the table below for White Dragon. Also, beginners should start with a test dose of under one gram before using larger dosages in order to see how they react to the strain.

Amount in GramsPotential Effects
Beginner2 to 3 gramsSubtle to robust energy stimulation and enhanced mental clarity
Moderate3 to 5 gramsMore pronounced energy boosting, improved focus and mood-boost
HighMore than 5 gramsMore intense effects but higher risk of side effects. NOT RECOMMENDED

Wrapping Up: Is it Worth a Try or Not?

With White Dragon’s potential intensity and potency in the effects it delivers, it should definitely be on your list of white kratom blends to try. Combining the benefits of White Maeng Da and White Elephant, this specific mixture might just become your next go-to for a pick-me-up due to its potential benefits.

Generally, it is not a strain for beginners and it is recommended to give White Maeng Da or White Elephant a try first. One looking for a stronger stimulatory strain might go for White Maeng Da and one looking for a more tame, but still relatively stimulating strain might want to try White Elephant first. If you like both of those strains, then White Dragon might be a good choice to find the middle ground between the two.

CONTENT DISCLAIMER: The content on this page is strictly for entertainment purposes only. The content below has not been medically reviewed and is not intended to offer advice for use or intended use. For more information about kratom and its potential dangers, please visit the fda.gov site.

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