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Zion Herbals Kratom Vendor Review – Do They Meet Expectations?

zion herbals vendor review

Zion Herbals has been around since 2010 and claims to offer the highest quality premium kratom on the market. And while their website might not exude that ‘premier brand’ persona, they definitely get quite a lot of positive reviews online. But that’s not exactly the whole story.

With a line-up that’s made up of their own kratom products mixed in with products and offers from other known kratom names, Zion Herbals is more of an emporium than anything else. Their broad range of offers, together with their reasonable prices make them a formidable name on the kratom market. But should you patronize their business?

Reviews About Zion Herbals

Unlike other brands that go as far as incentivizing reviews to beef up their product pages and provide buyers more concrete information on the quality of their products, Zion Herbals doesn’t have a reviews section on their website. That means you’re going to have to check elsewhere on the web to find consumer generated content about their stuff.

Reddit has always been the go-to for prospective kratom buyers who just aren’t completely sure what to get. There are quite a few posts on the website that talk about Zion Herbals in passing, with one or two Redditors leaving a positive comment about the brand. Other than that though, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of chatter on the forum about the vendor.

zion herbals vendor review

Which leads us to their Facebook page. Zion Herbals is quite active on the social media platform, amassing over 2,000 likes. Reviews are scant though, and available 5 star feedback doesn’t provide a lot of insight as to why the customers felt compelled to leave such a rating.

One review on Facebook does stick out however. Dating back to 2018, this netizen called Zion Naturals out for giving out a bad coupon code. A follow up comment from another buyer went as far as saying as Zion Herbals’ stuff isn’t as potent as they make it out to be and that it could be because they add fillers. This hasn’t been confirmed by any reputable sources.

The Zion Herbals Product Line-Up

A visit to the Zion Herbals website will show you that they sell products from Nine Mile High Botanicals, Botana Fresh, and Smilin Island Sauces aside from their own Zion Herbals choices. In terms of variety though, the brand seems to stand out, offering a broad selection of kratom products that tickle every unique need and preference.

As of writing, there are about 38 different products under Zion Herbal’s own brand inventory. Some noteworthy mentions include:

  • Gold Reserve Tincture
  • Gold Reserve Extract Caps
  • Liquid Kratom Extract
  • Liquid Kratom 24K Gold Extract
  • 5 GR Extract Tablets Jar
  • Supreme Blend Powder and Capsules
  • Kratom Infused Chai Tea Bags
  • Kratom/CBD Tablets
  • Kratom Softgels

Aside from their more daring kratom picks, Zion Herbals also sells kratom powders and capsules in bulk, albeit in limited strain varieties. They sell White, Red, and Green vein Hulu Kapuas in bulk packages, starting at 100g. Weights increase to 250g, 500g, and then 1000g.

If you’re more interested in kratom that’s more powerful and potent than the standard powder, Zion Herbals carries Full Spectrum Kratom Alkaloid Extract at 10%, 20%, 25%, 45%, and 80% strengths. Their 45% and 80% blends are alternatively sold in the form of capsules.

Finally, there’s bulk extract liquid that available in 30%, 45%, and 80% strengths. The bulk blends are sold in pints, quarts, half gallons, and full gallons. Needless to say however, they can be quite expensive.

Zion Herbals Pricing and Coupon Codes

A 100g packet of their powder sells for just $15, which is impressive low if you consider the fact that some brand sell their 25g packets for around $8. A whole kilogram sells for just $100, which is definitely much cheaper than some vendors who go as far as selling their kilos for close to $200.

Keep in mind that their kratom extract capsules are the only capsules sold in bulk. That means if you’re interested in getting their standard powders as capsules, then you might not be able to purchase in large kilogram bags. Nonetheless, they offer their capsules in 100g tubs for just $39.99. Extract capsules are available in bags of 50, 100, and 500ct, going for as much as $3,500.

On the overall, Zion Herbals’ stuff can be within budget, as long as you’re buying the basic powders. All of their other specialty items tend to scrape the upper limits of a typical kratom buyer’s budget. Fortunately, they offer free shipping on orders exceeding $50. Other than that, they also have a mailing list that sends out updates on their latest sales and promotional offers so you’re never out of the loop.

The Verdict on Zion Herbals Kratom

Zion Herbals has a lot going for it. From their quirky product selection to their affordable bulk kratom packages, the Zion Herbals Kratom brand makes sure there’s something for everyone. Of course, their specialty products might be a little out of budget for most buyers. But hey, if you’re looking to try something new every once in a while, their selection might add some color to your usual kratom score.

But what about the reviews? Well, there’s not a lot of information to go on when it comes to Zion Herbals. And while there might be a negative review or two, the availability of good feedback might be enough to justify making a purchase.

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