Green Bali

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Green Bali Kratom is one of the most abundant and popular green strains available on the market today. This plant is grown in the Island of Bali where the lush forests embedded in mineral-rich soil produce strong kratom plants. It gets is Bali moniker because these products are transported through Bali and the associated shipping ports before it is distributed to the rest of the market. Green Bali is available in large stocks and you will usually find it in most kratom stores on the market.

Disclaimer: This product comes with no directions for use. To learn more about kratom, please visit the site and search “kratom”. These products are not intended to be used to treat, cure or mitigate any disease, illness, ailment or condition. Handle this products at your own risk. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

4 reviews for Green Bali

  1. Juliet Combs (verified owner)

    This product had a mild aroma and I liked how it wasn’t as strong as the others, I really liked it.

  2. Josh Dalton (verified owner)

    I give Bulk Kratom Now a 10 out of 10, after trying other vendors, I can safely say that they are the best all-around.

  3. David

    First order

  4. Amy Cozart-Lundin

    I ordered this strain as part of a sample pack! I am a new user, so without a lot of experience other than the last 3 days…but so far this product is great and exceeds my original expectations.

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