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Super Green Malay Bulk Kratom

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Let’s turn the spotlight on to one of the most sought after strains, the Super Green Malay kratom. A strain that is beloved by expert kratom users and beginners alike, it’s known for its long-lasting effects and all-around benefits that transform routine into remarkable days. It shakes the blues away, gives a well-rested feeling, and boosts the mood.

Super Green Malay is a moderate strain that allows the mind to focus and adds a little spring to your step. A great example of an in-between strain of reds and whites, it’s well-balanced making it an excellent treat for the senses and physical body as well.

What Is This Strain?

Its name gives meaning to the origin and appearance of the Super Green Malay kratom. It is cultivated from Malaysia’s dense mountain ranges that boast of abundant trees and fertile soil. It is called “super” for the larger than usual size of its leaves. Lastly, “green” does not only describe the color of the leaves itself but also its veins.

The forest environment where the trees are grown allows for this strain to offer a longer-lasting experience compared to other green strains in the market. The soil from the mountains provides the Super Green Malay its uniquely high alkaloid content that results in a mild energy boost with high mental concentration and focus.

What Are The Effects?

The Super Green Malay experience is best described by imagining a perfect day. Think of waking up after a 10-hour slumber session, pumped and ready to face the challenges of the day. It’s the strain that gives the “best self” effect. It provides a smooth but long-lasting energy that can help finish a long workday without feeling physically beat or mentally strained.

Its relaxing effects are mild enough to give just the right mood boost to allow confidence and openness to come through. More than anything, it’s great for socializing and mingling with others as well as lessening the agitative thoughts that make a person feel agitated. All these are interspersed with a general feeling of calmness as well that gives a positive feeling all around.

Super Green Malay releases tension physically, mentally, and even emotionally. It generates a state of soundness and well-being. Potent and long-lasting, this will give the exact right push to getting better days.

Similar Strains

As with most green strains, Super Green Malay can be compared to Maeng Da kratom that’s known for its fast-acting energy boost that takes a person from zero to hero. Again, the main difference is that the Super Green Malay is a moderate strain that gives a more generalized wellness effect.

If a more sedative effect is what you’re looking for, Red Thai kratom or the Green Borneo might be the better choice. It gives ultimate relaxation perfect for those looking for a little help with dozing off and loosening up.

Kratom strains will always be a matter of preference. Whatever your taste however, you might want to think of giving Super Green Malay a shot. Sure it might not be in the most potent on the spectrum but its moderate effects are integrated in a special compound that works to brighten up anyone’s day.

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa

8 reviews for Super Green Malay Bulk Kratom

  1. Ahmed Logan

    I love how the SGM works for whatever the issue is and just feels like the plant itself is aware of its purpose. The strain is a go-to for all-around better feeling and works great for me.

  2. Marilyn Beck

    I have just placed another order.

  3. Damion Middleton

    I seemed to nee a much smaller dose of the Super Green Malay than any other headship brands. I will definitely order it again. Excellent strain and great product!

  4. Ciara Mccormick

    Thank you!

  5. erich whitaker (verified owner)

    Recently, this is my favorite kratom strand. This super green malay is definitely worth experimenting. Also grateful that their price is affordable. The guy says one can email them too and see if there is a current coupon for the website. Bulk Kratom Now is definitely my favorite vendor.

  6. Joe (verified owner)

    I must say that the super green malay is some of the best I have ever bought. I have bought kilos from about 3 different vendors to find the best. THIS IS THE BEST. Best price. Best quality.

  7. Maeng Da Man


  8. Dawni-Dawn

    📍SG MAYAY is the Only way I’ll go. 🤩 👵 I’m getting a Kilo now. Can’t wait till I hit the pay button. It will be on it’s way home to me. Happy Green Malay Day Fellow Reviewers. 📍

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