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Amercian Kratom Association GMP Audited

Earn Reward Points for Purchases


Bulk Kratom Now values your repeat business and to show it, we offer a 10% Cash Back loyalty points program to our returning customers.

🌱 You get 100 points for every 10 dollars spent 🌱
🌱 You can redeem 100 points for a dollar off any purchase 🌱
🌱 These points do not expire and can be used at any time for any purchase on this website 🌱
🌱 Example: If you buy a kilogram of Maeng Da for $79.99, you will receive 800 points which can be used for $8.00 off a future purchase. 🌱


Extra Bonus Points
🌱 100 bonus points for signing up 🌱
🌱 100 bonus points for leaving a review 🌱


By registering for an account with us you will automatically get 100 points and immediately start reaping the benefits of our loyalty program.

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