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Amercian Kratom Association GMP Audited

Refund & Shipping Policy

Satisfaction Guarantee

To be eligible for a refund, the customer must contact us within 30 days of receipt of their package to qualify for a refund or exchange. The receipt date is the date upon which the tracking number shows as delivered.

Products subject to our 30-day satisfaction guarantee can be returned opened or unopened. Please reach out to a member of our team and they will issue you a return label paid at our expense. Our staff will need to have the product back at our facility before issuing a refund or exchange. Please note, to return opened product, 75% or more of the original product must be in place. Products returned with 75% or less of the original product are not eligible for an exchange or refund.

We honor all customer returns and pay the postage at our expense. We need to inspect the package and ensure 75% or more of the original amount is returned to us. We do not reuse opened product and dispose of it but need it at our facility to verify that the customer has followed the rules.

Store Credit

Customers can receive a refund or exchange as a store credit. Store credits will expire after 2 years. Credits can be transferred between customers


Customers can choose to exchange a product of lesser or equal value. The value will be based on what the customer pays at the time of purchase. For instance, if a customer buys something on sale, they cannot exchange it for another item of the same size if the sale has expired at the time of exchange.


Customers can choose to have their product applied as a full refund. Refunds will be executed after the package has been returned and inspected by our staff. Refunds can take several days to show on customer bank statements.

Shipping Policy

USPS will deliver your package by 8 pm on the day it is estimated for delivery. Bulk Kratom Now does not guarantee delivery by a specific time of day. USPS Priority Express usually delivers next day (Excluding Weekends) but is NOT a guarantee overnight option, you may very well receive your package in 2 business days.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Packages

We will cover lost stolen or damaged packages under our shipping policy. Please note that this does not cover packages that show tracking as delivered. For packages that show as delivered, the customer is responsible to contact USPS and file a claim. For lost or damaged packages, please contact our support so we may resolve the issue.

Same-Day Shipping

Please note that same-day shipping is not guaranteed during promotion periods. While we do our best to get out all packages under the same-day shipping policy, increased orders during a promotion may affect this timeline slightly.

International Shipping

We are not responsible for lost or seized packages on international shipping. International packages are ordered at the customers own risk and we are not liable for any damage, loss or theft within the postal system. International customers are responsible to know their own laws within their international jurisdictions.

Please view our terms of service to learn more