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Amercian Kratom Association GMP Audited

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Kratom Sampler Pack


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Product Description

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Note: Please be advised that sample pack contents may vary from time to time. Strains may occasionally be out of stock, in which case best efforts get made to contact you regarding a substitute. Buyers would do well to peruse our catalog in its entirety before making their selections.

Are you having trouble pulling the trigger on an order of bulk kratom powder?

We get it.

It may be difficult to identify a single strain that suits all your needs, especially if your requirements vary from day to day. Some users prefer green vein kratom powder for its “fast” qualities, while others stick to red vein kratom for its “slow” exhilarating properties. However, most users benefit from a wider variety.

To best accommodate the ever-evolving needs of our patrons, new and old, we decided to roll out this awesome kratom sample pack. You choose the three strains that best exemplify your desires, and we send them all out in one bundle via our expedient carrier.

Each kratom sample pack includes three 100-gram pouches of kratom. You must add a minimum of three 100-gram packs to your order to receive this special offer. With this convenient kratom sample pack, you get major savings.

Why Buy a Kratom Sampler Pack?

It’s simple: First-time buyers never know where to start, even after they study kratom strains. Sometimes, simple product descriptions don’t account for the individual experiences of the customer. As we often remind our visitors, no two users share the same experience with a kratom strain.

While some users may purchase Green Hulu Kapuas for its “fast” aroma and possible sharpness, others may find it more bracing than they anticipated. By buying a variety pack, such users may find the best strains for their personal preferences. For beginners, the best strains may be the mildest.

For example, beginners may appreciate the milder side of Green Borneo Kratom to the more unpredictable Yellow Vietnam. Meanwhile, longtime users may appreciate the robust body and extensive duration of White Horn.

Those craving soothing sensations find white vein kratom powder among the best strains for their purposes. White Horn, AKA White Horned Leaf, describes one of our most popular strains. White Horn combines the robust aroma of Maeng Da with the exhilaration of Red Sumatra.

Many experienced kratom users fall somewhere in the middle on the kratom spectrum, opting for specimens that encompass “fast” and “slow” elements without inducing extreme reactions. Red Borneo may offer a broad range of purported benefits suitable for the majority of kratom enthusiasts.

The purported benefits of red vein kratom may include increased clarity, mild animation, moderate exhilaration, and potential motivation. Users call it a “full-body” strain at a fair price. Others compare it to a softer version of Red Bali. That makes sense, given the two grow on the same island.

Many users turn to new kratom powders when they tire of their go-to strains and the aroma of the same. Several cultivars may provide a unique and heightened experience, especially “strains” that technically qualify as blends. Most vendors carry at least one proprietary kratom blend, which enables you to experience the full spectrum of kratom from all vein types.

Different varieties may provide wildly different potential effects, as many reviews and videos make clear. Cultivars from Southeast Asia deliver an extra potency unavailable from domestic grow sites. Many users find our kratom sample pack helpful in determining how strong a strain may get before investing in large quantities of that strain.

Different Vein Types – What You Need to Know

Three kratom vein colors occur in nature—green, red, and white. These vein colors refer to the thick, alkaloid-dense midribs that cut down the middle of each kratom leaf. These veins find their way into the mix when kratom leaves receive milling. Each vein type possesses its unique assets.

Samples allow you to try each vein color (or multiples of one vein type) without spending a fortune on small-batch kratom. Before placing an order, we recommend you do your due diligence. Please review each of our product pages for comprehensive information about each cultivar.

All strains share certain purported benefits in common, but their alkaloid content varies significantly. Some strains contain high concentrations of mitragynine, while others have higher levels of 9-hydroxycorynantheidine, paynantheine, or 7-OH (7-hydroxymitragynine).

Many users find themselves beholden to a particular vein color due to an individual sensitivity or propensity. For example, academics and entrepreneurs favor green strains. Green Indo and Green Hulu Kapuas remain popular among artists, executives, and gym rats.

Regarding endurance, red strains may lavish users with the motivating, soothing qualities they need to power through reps and manage their post-workout feelings. Red Sumatra gets called a great choice for athletes, while many purchase Red Borneo for its versatile aroma. You may purchase both with this sample pack.

Those grappling with discomfort will find White Horn and White Sumatra useful in coping with their issues. White vein kratom strains typically give you hours of more restful, restorative qualities. Some white strains may be more alleviating than others, so do your homework.

A great sample pack is a diverse sample pack. Choose variety for the best results, as this gives you a more well-rounded idea of what different strains may offer. For example, Green Indo may induce hours of invigoration, while Red Bali may deliver an exceedingly refreshing mix of invigoration and chill vibes.

Build a Kratom Capsules Variety Pack

Kratom sample packs typically consist of strains in powder form. However, we may offer a kratom capsules variety pack upon request while supplies last. Contact our sales support by email to inquire about a potential kratom capsules sample pack.

A kratom capsules sample pack may improve some users’ experience by masking the natural bitterness of kratom. Moreover, a kratom capsules sample pack delivers a time-released solution that some find more manageable than powder.

A great sample pack gives patrons a better understanding of kratom’s potency and the extent to which different strains diverge from one another. A kratom sample of each vein color may be most prudent, but our discounted price enables you to try anything you want without risking a bulk investment.

What Are People Saying?

What do customers think about our kratom samples? Rating scores remain sky-high as we roll our new strains and source consistent quality. Maeng Da Kratom maintains its position as a best seller among buyers of kratom samples.

Most users agree on the value of kratom sample packs, noting the great price and awesome opportunity to familiarize themselves with several strains before committing to a giant stash. Many patrons place large orders for red and white strains after enjoying the pleasures of their kratom samples.

“I got all the best strains for what I’d usually pay for, like, a few grams of single strain,” one customer noted.

“The white strains are fire,” raved another. “It’s like a shovel to the face in the best way possible lmao.”

Final Thoughts

As we explore new strains and future opportunities, we add to our sample pack options, allowing you to try more than 30 exotic kratom strains in any combination you crave. Reviews of Bulk Kratom Now reflect the satisfaction many of our clients feel.

When it comes to quality, quantity, and savings, we maintain the same level of commitment that put us on the map and kept us there. Making money comes second to making people smile. Bulk Kratom Now grew out of a real desire to help people, and we continue to pursue that same goal.

Every batch gets lab-tested before manufacturing commences. Bulk Kratom Now takes no chances, and neither should you. Try samples today before loading up on your new favorites.

Audit Report

All of our products comply with the American Kratom Association cGMP (current good manufacturing practices) program and their audit process.

Kratom Sampler Pack
Kratom Sampler Pack
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Lab Tested

  • All of our products are lab tested by a third party
    • tested for microbialogics, heavy metals, and alkaloids
  • Each 1-ton of Kratom is audited for compliance in:
    • batch production records
    • manufacturing operations
    • lab-testing & record keeping
    • master manufacturing records
    • manufacturing facility & equipment

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