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White Horn Bulk Kratom

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Among the varying colors of kratom, you’ll find it difficult to find a lackluster strain among the white veins. Considered for the stimulating effects but with a high barrier of entry, the white vein strains are for the kratom user elite.

But even among what seems to be a group of white veins standing shoulder to shoulder with each other, there will always be a prodigy among them. A strain so good the very foundations of kratomdom shook at its arrival. Who is this you ask? Why, it’s none other than the White Horn kratom.

What Is This Strain?

The White Horn Kratom is a relative newcomer to the scene but its already captured the hearts (and minds) of kratom users the world over. Cultivated in the lush and exotic jungles of the island of Borneo in Indonesia, the White Horn kratom is a product of meticulous and complex kratom growing processes.

The White Horn takes its name from the appearance of its leaves, wide and fanning with spikes resembling shapes along its borders. The unique appearance of its leaves has led locals to surmise its also representative of its quality believed also to be true in the kratom circles as a representation of alkaloid content.

This strain, however, is very difficult to find owing to the complexity of the growth process involved. There are specialized farmers qualified to identify and harvest these plants within the correct time of maturity. Its rarity and status as a kratom delicacy have created a high demand for this strain.

What Are The Effects?

The White Horn is considered the best among its white family because of its consistent ability to produce incredible stimulating effects. This is a slow build strain that can produce an amazing kick of energy meant to power you through your day.

Along with the heightened energy, users have also reported a strong mental awakening producing positive vibes, and relaxing sensations. You’ll soon be feeling this overwhelming sense of good mood as you go along.

The experience is meant to give you that abundance in energy without the fidgety effects you’d expect from a stimulant. Granted how its already making you feel like the energy bunny, the overall feeling is that of a chill Sunday afternoon. The effects of this strain are potent and can sustain you for hours on end. The White Horn is an experience worth having.

Similar Strains

The White Borneo Kratom is a commonly associated strain with the White Horn as they bear similar stimulatory effects. What sets White Borneo apart however is how much more available it is in the market. It is one of the most commonly ordered strains owing to its abundance in the market.

White Sumatra Kratom is also a well-known strain thought to be similar to White Horn due to its consistent ability to provide a solid energy boost and increased mental acuity. Some consider it more versatile due to the range of effects. However, this may be due to the variety of responses between users.

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa

2 reviews for White Horn Bulk Kratom

  1. Cyrus Gordon (verified owner)

    Love the packaging and my order arrived super fast, the product was excellent, I have only recommended you guys to everyone I know. Thank you for never letting me down.

  2. joe K

    I have been a big fan of Kratom for almost 5 years, I have used several vendors .
    I found out about most through I Love Kratom forum. A must join for Kratomites.
    Luckily someone suggested Bulk Kratom Now.They do it right. great product,
    best price,great service quick shipment.I jusr got the White Horn, Youza!!!
    Great strain.

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