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Green JongKong Bulk Kratom

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Sometimes referred to as the “reddest” of the green veins, the Green JongKong stands as one of the more unique offerings in any kratom store. Fresh and potent, the Green Jong Kong offers an uncanny experience that is worth any well-meaning kratom aficionado’s time and money.

What Is This Strain?

The Green JongKong originates from a place of striking variety and tropical fertility. Its namesake is taken from the JongKong province, a region in Indonesia belonging to the Kapuas river valley.

This kratom sports the classic green leaves and veins, seen sprouting abundantly from the branches and barks of its tree. It’s luscious environment all play a part in its final mature form with an incredible and hypnotizing aroma that’s sure to pique your interest.

It’s no surprise how popular this strain has become among kratom using circles. Other than its Southeast heritage swearing by its centuries-old use for natural medicine, this strain has transitioned well for us in the kratom powder market.

What Are The Effects?

The Green JongKong kratom, as was earlier said, has a unique effect profile you’ll be hard-pressed to find in other veins. Essentially a green vein, it sports a good blend of both the red and white effects. However, it tends to lean more on the red spectrum of effects and this has been the consistent finding among users.

The experience may begin with a boost in mood and a variety of sensations all meant to create an uplifting energy in the user. This may be followed by some mental stimulation the effects of which include increased mental focus, improvement of productivity and even increasing sociability.

What sets the experience however, is that there may be pronounced positive sensations buffered by significant relaxation effect. It can progress to a significant sedative effect that others may not be expecting. Depending on person-to-person differences, this is unusually uncharacteristic of green vein strains and more likely seen in other red strains.

This is surely a potent strain and can last you for the better part of a day. It may be better to use during the mid-day to get you through those menial tasks you’ve been meaning to finish.

Similar Strains

Some fondly call the Green Jong Kong as the younger sibling of the Green Maeng Da. As a top-shelf kratom from the country of Thailand, the Green Maeng Da also provides a strong energy kick not unlike the Green JongKong. The only difference is that the Jong Kong may produce more relaxing aftereffects akin to some red vein strains.

Green Malay is a famous strain also resembling the Green Jong Kong in its beneficial effects. Sporting a classic green vein effect profile, Green Malay might provide a boost in bodily and mental energy with just the right amount of well-being for your kratom needs.

Because of its unique position in the kratom spectrum, the Green JongKong is commonly described to resemble Red Sumatra. This strain is known for its strong relaxing effects with just the right amount of sedative to relive its user of any burdensome tension in his body.

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa

3 reviews for Green JongKong Bulk Kratom

  1. N/A

    Incredible vein and value. The jong kongs seem to be the best for me. This ones potent. Huge mood and motivation boost, pain is gone and the relaxation is great. Game changer for my day at work and my sleep at night. Thank you so much.

  2. erich whitaker (verified owner)

    This green jongkong is powerful. Personally, most of the kratom strains I experiment with from many many vendors is barely effective or not effective. This strand is highly effective. This strand is definitely worth experimenting. A unique and rich choice.

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