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Green Jong Kong-minGreen Jong Kong-min

Green JongKong

(8 customer reviews)


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Product Description

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Green Jongkong Kratom deviates from other green vein kratom strains in its strength and longevity. Celebrated for its robust, supportive aroma, this bold breed leaves quite the impression. Though it lacks the name recognition of Green Maeng Da, this cultivar receives high marks for its potent effects.

There is a lot of misinformation about this strain online, such as fabricated alkaloid content and bogus details about its origins. To set the record straight, we compiled the following guide to one of our highest-rated kratom products.

What is Green Jongkong Kratom?

Green Jongkong kratom powder derives from the Jongkong cultivar indigenous to Indonesia. All forms of kratom derive from the Mitragyna speciosa tree, a class of large evergreens from the coffee family. Green Jongkong Kratom takes its name from the Jongkong region of Southeast Asia.

Touted for its potent effects and staying power, Jongkong Kratom may be the world’s most elusive and enigmatic strain. This peculiar kratom leaf grows in the last places you would expect. Green Jongkong Kratom gets harvested in dry conditions that do not lend themselves to fertility.

Green Jongkong Kratom gets compared to many kratom strains, including red vein kratom and white kratom leaf. It shares red kratom’s smoothness and white kratom’s alleviation in common, but its refreshing aroma makes it a classic example of the green vein family.

History & Cultivation Method – How It Gets Made

Jongkong Kratom used to be one of the rarest green vein kratom cultivars on earth as it gets cultivated on remote farms where no outsider could trespass. Then visitors began secreting this kratom away before returning to their countries. At Bulk Kratom Now, we sought a private source on a remote plantation.

Occasionally, small batches of Green Jongkong Kratom would find their way outside Indonesia. Today, many domestic kratom vendors claim to source actual Green Jongkong Kratom, but all they do is concoct proprietary kratom blends using kratom powder already on hand.

True Jongkong Kratom gets harvested in one place and one place only—the Jongkong Province of Indonesia. The name Jongkong comes from a district in West Borneo, but the Green Jongkong cultivar gets developed in Kalimantan Barat.

We know, oy, with the names already! Unfortunately, it’s the only way to differentiate between the many strains grown throughout the rich and diverse forests and plantations of Southeast Asia. Green Jongkong Kratom grows in arid soil, which may sound counterintuitive, but the results speak for themselves.

Our native farmers monitor their crops regularly and harvest Green Jongkong Kratom at the apex of its maturity. As a result, its alkaloids occur at higher concentrations than they do in other strains. The potent effects of Green Jongkong kratom powder owe to these alkaloids.

Potential Advantages (Aroma, Dosage, Duration & More)

As mentioned, Green Jongkong Kratom draws noticeable effects from its alkaloid content. This hard-to-find powder has a heterogeneous aroma of blooming flowers, fresh fruit, and sandalwood. The boldness of its fragrance may be due in part to this heterogeneity.

Additionally, recommended dosage plays an instrumental role in the various effects of Green Jongkong. This Jongkong region gem may be mild and enjoyable at two to four grams. Beginners may acclimate to its impact by starting with a threshold dose of one-and-a-half to two grams.

Green Jongkong kratom effects may be most noticeable at a low to moderate dose. Less desirable effects may be more likely at higher dosage levels. Where other green vein kratom strains possess milder attributes, Green Jongkong represents a wider spectrum of purported benefits.

Experienced users often take up to seven grams of Green Jongkong kratom powder. This dosage range may produce intense relaxation. Many users call Jongkong Kratom a full-body cultivar. Its purity and potency provide more pronounced benefits.

This sublime speciosa breed boasts a prolonged duration with powerful effects lasting between six to eight hours. Different effects may be less pronounced among those with a tolerance. Users should cycle their dose and switch up their strain of choice to avoid tolerance.

Users should always be cautious when taking green vein kratom powder, as too much may be detrimental. A high dose may result in adverse effects. You should consult with a physician before taking kratom. Those with preexisting health conditions should not take kratom, nor should pregnant or lactating mothers.

Green Jongkong vs. Green Malay – How It Compares

Like Green Malay, Green Jongkong kratom powder may offer noticeable effects at a lower dose. However, the two diverge in several ways. For example, Green Malay may produce a milder aroma atypical of green vein kratom. By contrast, Green Jongkong delivers a deeper, longer-lasting aroma.

According to users, this green vein kratom powder is far “slower” than Green Malaysian Kratom. Unlike other green vein strains, Green Jongkong is more soothing and exhilarating than invigorating. While its aroma offers a certain degree of animation, moderate doses give you tranquil vibes.

Due to the presence of 7-OH (7-hydroxymitragynine), Green Jongkong kratom powder may provide calming effects and a more friendly experience. Some users call it their favorite for this reason alone. Many introverts place a high value on this variant.

Buy You Should Buy from Us

Where other vendors gouge their customers on pricing and make promises they can’t keep, we believe in keeping things affordable and transparent. There are no baseless claims or unfair quotes on our website. You see what you get—fair-trade farm-fresh kratom strains at a price that won’t leave you broke.

The future of the kratom plant matters to us, and we act accordingly. Bulk Kratom Now proudly supports the hard work and high standards of the AKA (American Kratom Association). Our products are ethically sourced, carefully harvested, and thoroughly inspected before they get listed.

Every one of our kratom strains gets submitted for independent third-party laboratory testing before end-stage manufacturing. Each batch receives proper inspection and labels in a GMP-compliant packing facility. Bulk Kratom Now leaves nothing to chance.

When you buy Green Jongkong kratom from Bulk Kratom Now, you receive an assurance of quality. Every order comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee, which covers you against damage or error. We want to know if you need any help with our kratom powder. Hit us at the contact below.

Audit Report

All of our products comply with the American Kratom Association cGMP (current good manufacturing practices) program and their audit process.

Green JongKong
Green JongKong
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Lab Tested

  • All of our products are lab tested by a third party
    • tested for microbialogics, heavy metals, and alkaloids
  • Each 1-ton of Kratom is audited for compliance in:
    • batch production records
    • manufacturing operations
    • lab-testing & record keeping
    • master manufacturing records
    • manufacturing facility & equipment

8 reviews for Green JongKong

  1. N/A

    Incredible vein and value. The jong kongs seem to be the best for me. This ones potent. Huge mood and motivation boost, and the relaxation is great. Game changer for my day at work and my sleep at night. Thank you so much.

  2. erich whitaker (verified owner)

    This green jongkong is powerful. Personally, most of the kratom strains I experiment with from many many vendors is barely effective or not effective. This strand is highly effective. This strand is definitely worth experimenting. A unique and rich choice.

  3. Earn Online

    I’m really impressed with your writing skills and also with the format on your weblog. Is this a paid subject or did you customize it yourself? Anyway keep up the excellent quality writing, it’s rare to see a great blog like this one these days.

  4. Grecia Botanicals (verified owner)

    Definitely 5 stars!!! 🧲⭐👈🏽

  5. Peter Asposito (verified owner)

    I have been using kratom since 2013 and used several vendors and the buck stops here. I found the best. Bulk Kratom is were I have been getting my kratom for a couple of years and not only the quality is consistent and very good. I always know what to expect. They stand behind there kratom.

  6. Michael Wilson (verified owner)

    Have been using this vendor for about a year now. Won’t go anywhere else. The green jongkong is amazing. Strong and does the job. Prices are amazing compared to other vendors I have tried.

  7. Frankozep

    But white mang da and white Bali Because those I was familiar with going to try the green Jong Jong as suggested by one of the staff members. Great product great price and enjoy responsibility responsibility. Cratom is a life changer but you gotta do it right took me a long time to figure it out.

  8. Barbara Weeks (verified owner)

    I tried the Green Jong Kong and I’m so pleased with not only the quality but the results it has given me at night. The value and the price is one thing but Bulk Kratom has such a great customer service sales team that really makes such a difference. And that plays a big part in returning sales
    and customers. Thanks to all of their sales reps.

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