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Red Kali Bulk Kratom

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True fans of kratom know how to put value to strains that have paved the way for all the other strains that saturate the current market. There is one that stands out as a “pure” strain for most, and that’s the Red Kali.

Considered as one of the most relaxing kratom strains, it’s no surprise how this reputable strand is argued by many to be the “original” kratom. Though commonly out of stock in certain stores, this strain is one of those all-time favorites known around the world.

What Is This Strain?

This kratom takes its name from the Kalimantan region, a tropical heritage located in the Indonesian territories of the Borneo island. The environment here comprises of rich soil, abundant mineral water streams, and frequent rain that’s perfect as a hotbed for kratom growth.

A novel farming technique is employed in the harvest of the Red Kali. You can see from its red-laden veins how its colors burst with the richness of its internal alkaloid. It’s particularly famous among the locals and is considered a wonder plant by the traditional faith healers who use the plant for local medicinal purposes.

The Red Kali, owing to its mild relaxing effects, is considered by many as a great jumping-on point for newcomers. Those looking to get their feet wet in the kratom craze will do well to adhere to the “less is more” approach to kratom use in order to safely try out the effects.

What Are The Effects?

The overall experience of the Red Kali is an uplifting mood change with an insidious transformation of your mind into a puddle of chocolate ice cream. This is as relaxing as relaxing effects go. True to its roots as a red vein, the sedative effects of this beloved strain are solid and consistent and will have users coming back for more.

True to its description as a pure strain, these relaxing and mind-seizing effects seem to be a streamlined effect in comparison to other strains in this genre. It as if nature itself took a piece of sandpaper and smooth out the proverbial rough edges of the red vein to create such a seamless and cohesive kratom plant.

Once the Red Kali starts to take over your sense, it’s a one-way trip to dreamland. The cradling effect lends itself well for late-day use as you’ll slowly find yourself being eased into a restful sleep to end your day.

Similar Strains

Many parallels to the Red Kali strain have been made of another red vein kratom, with Red Kali generally considered the milder form and more controlled form. The Red Bali and the Red Maeng Da, for example, are commonly mentioned in relation to the Red Kali. These strains possess a similar effect profile except they provide more stimulation than akin to white veins.

The Red Borneo is a strain of comparable quality to the Red Kali. It also produces that relaxing state meant to whisk you away from your worries and lull to a restful late day nap.

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa

2 reviews for Red Kali Bulk Kratom

  1. Sidney Andrews

    5 Stars, Great stuff!!

  2. DBCurtis (verified owner)

    Solid strain. 5/5.

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