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Red Riau Bulk Kratom

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In many respects, the Red Vein Riau is one of the rarest strains of kratom you’ll be able to get your hands on. It’s also one of the newest strains available on the market but has steadily developed a sizable following of kratom connoisseurs.

And for good reason. Red Vein Riau Kratom is a perfectly balanced strain producing a strong sedative and relaxing effect, a signature of the beneficial effects known to kratom. If you’re feeling adventurous, the Red Vein Riau is a pleasurable joyride you can take.

What Is This Strain?

This a rather fresh departure from the usual kratom strains that originate commonly from the island of Borneo. This kratom strain originates from the Riau region located on the eastern coasts of Sumatra in Indonesia. The region is known for abundant kratom trees surrounded by a lush ecosystem of rich plants and mineral soil. On top of that, the climate of Indonesia with the frequent rainfall ensures the kratom plants of the region are grown to quality.

Some consider this as the spiritual successor of the previously regarded Red Sumatra Kratom. Since its debut in the kratom market a few years ago, the Red Vein Riau is a landmark bestseller for a new wave of kratom users. Like its strong following from its place of origin, a lot of love has gone into the legacy of this product through its passionate fanbase.

What Are The Effects?

The Red Vein Riau strain is possibly the strongest red vein strain in the market currently. It’s an extremely relaxing strain with a healthy serving of tranquility in the height of its effective period. More importantly, this is a formidable sedating experience that many red vein lovers have been singing high praises of.

Not only that, but this strain also produces a variety of other great kratom effects. It’s a great mood booster, providing you a very welcome mental chill useful for forgetting all the stresses of life even for a moment. This makes this strain perfect for night time use.

Veteran kratom users should delight that the full range of benefits of the Red Vein Riau can be taken advantage of with an effective application of correct dosing. Truly, this is what separates novices from the experts. A solid application of the principles surrounding tolerance and potency earns dividends in maximizing the effects of this pristine kratom.

Similar Strains

The Red Vein Riau bears a lot of similarities with the red vein strains originating from Indonesia. One such similar strain is the Red Indo Kratom. This strain also produces consistent relaxing and sedative effects common to red vein products but to a milder extent.

The rockstar strain that is the Red Bali Kratom will have a run for its money with the arrival of the Red Vein Riau, which directly competing for the throne of best red vein kratom. The Red Bali also has strong sedative effects albeit with a more versatile spectrum of other kratom effects. Nevertheless, both are good options for kratom enthusiasts looking for these trademark effects.

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa

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  1. Alexus Parsons

    This company has the best quality red vein stains, I have been buying from them for some time now and will keep recommending them to everyone I know.

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