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How Long Does It Take For Kratom to Start Working?

December 15th, 2022BlogNo Comments »

How Long Does It Take For Kratom To Start Working

More people are taking an interest in taking kratom supplements, with users saying that kratom helps bring in feelings of alertness, relaxation, and comfort. If you are new to kratom, you are likely asking how long for kratom to kick in. Read on to learn how long it takes for kratom to work, the factors determining its effects, and the best ways to take it.

How Fast Can You Feel the Effects of Kratom?

The general consensus is that it takes at least 5 to 10 minutes for kratom to start working on your system, but it can take up to an hour. Numerous variables can determine this time frame, including the type of kratom, the dosage, and the strain. Genetics, age, body weight, metabolism, and tolerance influence the onset of kratom effects.

image of when will you feel the peak effects of kratom

When Will You Feel the Peak Effects of Kratom?

You can experience the peak of kratom’s effects in approximately one to two hours. Its effects can last up to eight hours depending on how strong the strain is, how much you take, and how quickly your bloodstream absorbs it. However, the average time for the kratom effects to peak and start tapering off is around three hours.

Factors That May Impact the Onset and Duration of Kratom Effects on the Body

There are numerous factors to consider when figuring out how long for kratom to kick in. Here are some of the factors:

  • Empty or full stomach: You must consume kratom on an empty stomach. This is because if food is present in your stomach when you take kratom, you’ll likely experience nausea and stomach discomfort. More importantly, having food in your tummy will slow the absorption of kratom.
  • Dosage: Kratom dosage plays a vital role in how soon you experience its effects. Taking low doses may mean it takes longer for kratom to kick in. If you take high doses of kratom, it may be more intense than expected. It is crucial to assess how your body responds to kratom before consuming higher doses.
  • Your weight: Your body’s percentage of body fat will also affect how long it takes for the kratom to kick in. Generally, people with more fat tend to take longer to feel kratom effects. This is because kratom’s alkaloid mitragynine is more soluble in fat, so the more fat you have in your body, the longer it will take to absorb the kratom.
  • How you consume: You can consume kratom in various ways: powder, capsules, tinctures, teas, and edibles. Kratom powder works quickly, and you’ll feel the effects in 20 minutes. On the other hand, kratom edibles such as kratom chocolate, candies, and gummies can take longer since they need to go through the digestive system first.

Average Time to Feel the Effects of Kratom: A Comparison Table

Prior food consumptionEmpty stomach10-20 minutes25-30 minutes20-30 minutes60 minutes or less
Full stomach30-60 minutes30-60 minutes30-60 minutesMore than 60 minutes
DosageHigh dose5-10 minutes15-30 minutes20-30 minutes30-60 minutes
Usual dose30-60 minutes30-60 minutes30-60 minutes45-60 minutes
Low dose60 minutes or more60 minutes or more60 minutes or moreMore than 60 minutes
Body size and weightVery above average dimensions60 minutes or more60 minutes or more60 minutes or moreMore than 60 minutes
Average dimensions30-60 minutes30-60 minutes30-60 minutes45-60 minutes
Very below average dimensions10-20 minutes25-30 minutes20-30 minutes60 minutes or less

image of frequently asked questions of how long does kratom take to start working

Frequently Asked Questions

Is water necessary for kratom to work?

You must drink sufficient water while taking kratom to ensure dehydration does not occur. However, you must also take care not to drink too much, as this may cause the body to flush out the kratom before it can take effect. Drinking too much water can cause the dilution of stomach acids, which can affect the absorption of kratom.

Do you need to consume food for kratom to kick in?

Food is not necessary for kratom to work. However, it is best to take kratom before eating. This helps prevent stomach discomfort and nausea when food and kratom interact in the stomach.

What do you need to look out for to know kratom is working?

Kratom works differently for different people. Some may experience relief and increased energy, while others may not feel any effects. If you think kratom is working for you, you may notice feelings of relaxation, a better mood, and improved alertness. Focus and better sleep quality are also effects that people report experiencing after consuming kratom.

How can you make kratom kick in faster?

You can use potentiators to make kratom work faster. Options include taking it with citrus juice, grapefruit juice, or cayenne pepper. Other kratom potentiators are valerian root, turmeric, and chamomile. It is important to note that these methods can increase the potency and duration of kratom’s effects, so you should be careful when trying them.

What delays the effects of kratom?

If you feel like it is taking too long for kratom effects to start, the cause could be any of the factors mentioned above. These include dosage, body size, weight, or the method of consumption. It is also possible that your kratom is not fresh or has become exposed to heat, light, and humidity, which can reduce its potency.

The Bottom Line

Are you wondering how long for kratom to kick in? The answer is it differs from person to person. The best way to ensure you feel the effects of kratom quickly is to take it on an empty stomach and use a moderate dosage. You should also be mindful of kratom potentiators that can make kratom’s effects come on even faster.

If you find yourself waiting too long to experience the effects of kratom, it is crucial to consider the mentioned factors. However, you must be wary of taking a higher dose of kratom. You should also make sure you are taking fresh, high-quality kratom. By knowing how long it takes for kratom to work, you can get the most out of your kratom experience.

CONTENT DISCLAIMER: The content on this page is strictly for entertainment purposes only. The content below has not been medically reviewed and is not intended to offer advice for use or intended use. For more information about kratom and its potential dangers, please visit the fda.gov site.

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