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Green Horn Bulk Kratom

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Green Horn Kratom is one of the premium kratom strains available in the market today. Its leaves are known to have a characteristic bright emerald green color with a particular sheen that is only seen in this strain.

People in Southeast Asia have long marveled at the benefits they have experienced by using Green Horn kratom in traditional herbal medicine. Now, its effects are one of the most sought after by kratom enthusiasts worldwide. It is in demand for its effectiveness in bringing the perfect hybrid of red and white kratom strains.

A perfect blend of focus, better cognitive thinking, and a relaxed calm that helps in social situations, it is no wonder why people have fallen head over heels over Green Horn Kratom.

What Is This Strain?

The horn strains are so named for their distinct barbed leaf structure. All types, red, white, or green, exhibit this trait. Horned kratom is bred in the jungles of Borneo Island in Indonesia. Green Horn Kratom is considered a rare strain which accounts for its slightly higher price compared to others in the market.

This strain will always be part of the best kratom strain lists because of its efficacy, long duration, and its minimal side effects. Its ability to provide long-lasting effects reduces the amount that the user takes as well as minimizing the possibility of product tolerance. Those who take it vouch for its cost-effective dosing, a little goes a long way.

What Are The Effects?

Green Horn kratom is by and by the best of both worlds. It has perfected the mixture of having an energy boost and a relaxing effect rolled into one potent strain. Its notable effect on improving thinking, focus, and memory with a boost in energy makes it a contender against the popular Maeng Da strain. Kratomites believe that Green Horn provides even better effects.

Aside from its effects on mental clarity and proficiency, Green Horn gives a substantial relaxing experience that makes it a great choice for those that lead particularly stressful lives or simply those that want to take it easy and chill. Also, its mood-boosting qualities will add to the pep in the step of those who choose to use this strain.

Green Horn Kratom’s wide assortment of benefits makes it a popular and well-loved choice for kratomites. Its effects very rarely disappoint and anyone wanting to try an energy-enhancing strain that provides uplifted moods and mental clarity should check this out. Keep in mind that it is a strong strain and it is always best to start with a low dosage.

Similar Strains

Any green strain will be compared to the standard strain, Maeng Da Kratom. Green Horn kratom’s energy effect is similar to Maeng Da however it is noted that Green Horn is more fast-acting and more potent. In comparing with red and white horn kratoms, Green Horn gives you the best qualities of each strain with its unique effect.

Users have attested to the significant impact that they have experienced with the Green Horn kratom strain. It has calming and relaxing effects like Red Horn Kratom. It also uplifts the mood like the White Horn Kratom. But, the cognitive enhancement from Green Horn kratom combined with all those other characteristics make it a superstar of its own.

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa

3 reviews for Green Horn Bulk Kratom

  1. Tyrone Burch

    I have tried several other companies and Bulk Kratom Now is by far the best. Excellent product at an excellent price!

  2. Trey Lester

    Great quality product gets a 100 percent satisfied customer.

  3. Kim (verified owner)

    I’m new to bulk kratom now and found them on a site that gave them wonderful reviews. So I decided to try and was not disappointed. I’ve been using kratom for 3-4 years. It seems as if this last year and half the kratom has gone completely down hill. I do switch strains continuously. I was very pleased with the green horn. I ordered a kilo. Also a kilo of red horn. I then ordered a split of green maeng da and white horn. Happy with all . I always mix green and white morning and afternoon then green and red in the evenings. They’re all good. I’m especially happy with the green horn. Im ready to order some Green jungkong and red bali next. Ive purchased a lot of kratom from many different vendors in the past 2 years and this has been the best out of all of them. Happy customer ; )

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