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Green Ketapang Bulk Kratom

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What started as one of the more overlooked strains, Green Ketapang has slowly but surely gained a loyal following among Kratom aficionados. Known for its unique and somewhat calming aroma, this finely milled powder is truly a refreshing gem that can be thoroughly enjoyed by connoisseurs and novice users alike.

What Is This Strain?

The Green Ketapang is a veined strain that is named from its place of origin, the lush Ketapang jungle in Borneo, Indonesia. Its leaves come from kratom trees that are meticulously grown and harvested carefully by skilled farmers.

Fresh from the rainforest, Green Ketapang offers a scent that is particularly crisp and exhilarating. It is a great stepping stone for kratom newbies as it offers a good balance between stimulation and relaxation. It is an in-between of white and red kratom strains.

Because of its increasing popularity, Green Ketapang is now gaining recognition not only in its Southeast Asian home base but also in the West. More and more people have seen the benefits of using kratom in their daily lives.

It can be brewed into tea or added to usual meals or baked goods. These ways allow for an easy and quick kratom fix. For a more direct approach, the “toss and wash” method may be used but its bitter qualities stand out more in this method.

What Are The Effects?

As mentioned, Green Ketapang has its unique and invigorating aroma that it is known for. Its effects are much like its scent. Users have attested to its calming and serene properties as well as its mild energy-boosting effects.

Because it is a midway strain between red and white kratoms, it will neither sedate you nor make you hyperactive. This makes it ideal for use during the day or night time.

The blend offers both a soothing and energizing outcome that makes its users experience mental clarity and physical aptitude. Taking it during the day can allow for an energy boost to help with the day’s tasks. It can even be used when there are large group get-togethers or for a casual time with friends. At night, it can help relax the mind and body, perfect for winding down.

The variety is perfect for newbies and rookies but also great for more seasoned users who are looking for a strain that can take them from day time to evening. A balanced strain ideal for any time of day and novice or experienced users alike, it will lift the mood and calm the senses. Imagine a relaxing gondola ride down the famous lagoons of Venice. This is the Green Ketapang experience.

Similar Strains

Green Ketapang can be likened to many green-veined kratom strains when it comes to experience and effects. Users have compared it to the Green Maeng Da and Green Thai strains which give a noticeably more sedating effect. Green Ketapang’s well-balanced energy buzz and calm in addition to its fresh aroma make it a preference for those that want that extra kick during the daytime.

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa

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