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Green Thai Bulk Kratom


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The Green Thai kratom strain represents an exercise in maintaining balance. The mid-way strain between a pure red or white vein kratom, the Green Thai combines the best of these two strains and creates what is arguably the best effect profile among the green kratom strains.

Considered a must-try in some kratom enthusiast circles, the Green Thai strain is a certified top five of green kratom variants. It may very well be what you need to complete your collection of the very best of kratom strains.

What Is This Strain?

Green Thai originates from the lush forests of Thailand, known for its rich greenery and exotic tropical climate. The rich Thailand soil packed with nutrients produce a wide variety of abundant flora ripe for the growth of the kratom plant.

Sporting the signature green veins, the Green Thai kratom boasts a balanced alkaloid content accounting for its distinct hybrid effects. Thai leaf variants are among the strongest out in the market and its no wonder why kratom enthusiasts flock to the stores to get their stock of this famous strain.

What Are The Effects?

The Green Thai kratom is emblematic of the best effects a green vein has to offer. Striking a perfect balance of red and white vein effects, the Green Thai masterfully creates an experience of excitement and relaxation at the same time.

This strain is consistently believed to improve the mood of the user and provide a jolt of extra energy. It’s useful for people struggling to get through a long day and in need of a timely energy boost. The stimulating effects lends itself well to having a positive outlook with just the right motivation to start socializing. It also comes with a hefty dose of mental stimulation, perfect for getting results for your tasks on your daily to-do list.

Its versatility is then made apparent when the feeling of calmness and relaxation starts to come in. The calming effect can be just right, providing a state of zen and not too much to knock you out. This perfect blend is often what makes kratom users seek out this all-around strain for their usual kratom fix.

Similar Strains

The Green Thai is frequently compared to other strains within its family but outside its country of origin. The first comparison is that of the Green Indo. Hailing from the lush forests of Indonesia, the Green Indo also has a trademark effect of boosting mood and providing an overall relaxing effect to its users similar to the Green Thai.

Another comparison is made with the Green Kapuas strain. A Malaysian derivative, this strain might aim for a similar stimulating effect with a little kick of feelings of well-being for a more unconventional experience.

No comparison of green kratom variants can be made without mentioning the Green Maeng Da. Considered the benchmark in many kratom circles, this strain is considered one of the most potent strains and also has a solid balance of the red and white vein combinations.

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa


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