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Green Thai Kratom Benefits, Effects, and Dosage

Thailand is home to some great kratom strains. The potent Maeng Da Kratom strain, for example, is made with genetic modifications to deliver a more powerful and potent experience to users. The most well-known kratom strain from Thailand, however, has to be the strain that’s named after the country itself – Thai Kratom.

Green Thai Kratom has been under the radar for quite some time now due to the surge in popularity of other green kratom strains in recent years. However, Green Thai Kratom still proves to be a preferred choice by many kratom users to this day, and in fact, Green Thai Kratom has seen a resurgence in popularity.

Read on to find out more about Thailand’s special kratom strain and what it has for you.

Green Thai Kratom Benefits

Coffee can be a great way to boost your energy, but a lot of people don’t enjoy the side-effects that it brings. The palpitations, the jittery sensations, the weird sensation in your eyes, you’ve probably experienced these before – they’re no fun. Energy drinks are no different, and both caffeine and taurine, while effective, don’t come without a cost.

That’s where Green Thai Kratom comes in. Unlike caffeine or taurine, which makes you end up feeling antsy 24/7, Green Thai Kratom doesn’t have these side-effects at all. You won’t have to worry about feeling a little more stressed than usual or more jittery than before with Green Thai Kratom.

Green Thai Kratom Effects

The most popular use for Green Thai Kratom has got to be its energy-boosting properties. As mentioned earlier, it functions very similarly to caffeine and taurine as a way to keep yourself awake, but it does so without bringing any of the negative side-effects that caffeine and taurine are known for. Sure, kratom can give you side effects, but only when you overdose, and as long as you stick within reasonable dosages, you should be experiencing no problems whatsoever.

Another reason people love Green Thai Kratom is that it works to help lift depressing thoughts and boost your overall mood. Even if you don’t suffer from these episodes, you can still enjoy an overall mood lift with a dose of Green Thai Kratom.

Green Thai Kratom Dosage

The effects of Green Thai Kratom are pretty potent, and some recommend lower doses than you’d usually expect. Many agree that 5 grams are the absolute maximum, though you can try out an extra gram or two to see how well you deal with that. Try starting off with a single gram if it’s your first time, though, as you may not be able to handle the effects right away.

Similar Strains

If you’re looking for an alternative to deliver that energy boost, then try out the white vein variant, White Thai Kratom. You get a more potent dosage of the boost, and less of the relaxing, relieving effects. Alternatively, Red Thai Kratom can be great if you want more of the relieving aspect of Green Thai Kratom. At the end of the day, it’s all up to what you need at the moment.

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