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Red JongKong Bulk Kratom


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The Red Jongkong Kratom is one of the least known strains in the kratom market. You’ll be struggling to find a store that consistently carries a steady stock of this product. Don’t let that fool you, however. The Red Jongkong is a kratom delicacy that belongs to many an enthusiast’s personal favorites.

The signature versatile effects of the Red Jongkong has made it an enigmatic choice among kratom users looking for a “choose-your-own-adventure” type of experience.

What Is This Strain?

Called fondly in the kratom community as the “Red JK”, this plant is harvested from around the Jongkong village located in the Kapuas river valley in West Borneo, Indonesia. The tropical environment and climate of the area plays strongly to the quality growth of kratom plants.

This kratom plant is known to have a dense alkaloid content. This can be seen in its appearance as a dark-brown red appearance of the veins. This is arguably the darkest red vein kratom you will ever see, a quality kratom aficionados seem to gravitate towards.

The Red Jongkong has a large following in its country of origin. Famous among locals for their natural medicines and other cultural purposes, these plants are abundantly cultivated as part of the local scene. Because of this, it has proven difficult to get an abundant supply of this kratom explaining its scarcity in the general market.

What Are The Effects?

Red Jongkong kratom sports a slew of effects meant to make other vein kratom’s blush. It may start with an insidious calming effect, slowly creating a state of tranquility within the user. The overwhelming serenity you feel easily creates a relaxing effect meant to cradle you into a restful sleep.

This strain is a mellow strain for sure, perfect for the user looking to feel good vibes on top of getting that release you need. Depending on the user, the effects of this product can be personally modulated as this is a highly effective and potent strain.

Other effects may also include improved mental activity or even a mood-boosting effect. This largely depends on varying personal experiences, however, as different people respond differently to varying doses of kratom. Nevertheless, these effects are what’s put Red Jongkong on the radar of many well-meaning kratom users.

Similar Strains

There are many red vein strains in the market bearing similarities to the Red Jongkong and one of those is the Red Bali. A steady bulwark of the red kratom family, the Red Bali is a more common strain capable of giving its users a consistent mood improvement effect with a stronger sedative finish.

Red Betuangie hails from the dense forests of West Borneo, Indonesia and has certain similarities with the Red Jongkong. For starters, it’s also a powerful strain with relaxing bordering on sedative effects.

One of the best red strains, the Red Thai, is also frequently associated with the Red Jongkong due to its similar relaxing and sedative effects. Depending on the user, these effects may be more pronounced over others.

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa


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