Gold Elephant Kratom Benefits, Effects, and Dosage

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The Elephant Kratom family isn’t a very well-known one. Unlike other kratom strains such as Borneo Kratom or Thai Kratom, which see quite a bit of demand, Elephant Kratom flies under the radar for a lot of people. In fact, there may be even some people who have tried out Elephant Kratom but don’t even know that they did.

Despite being not as popular as other kratom strains, Elephant Kratom is definitely a strain you should try out at least once. Aside from its unique elephant ear-like shape, which gives it its name, Elephant Kratom is just as great of a strain as any other you’ve tried thus far. In fact, its Gold variant may even be better than any of the strains you’ve tasted before. Read on to find out why.


Gold Elephant Kratom Benefits


Gold Elephant Kratom Benefits

If you read our articles, you’ll find that we’ve covered Yellow Elephant Kratom before. And Gold Elephant Kratom is essentially the same thing, but with a different name! That’s right – Gold Elephant Kratom and Yellow Elephant Kratom are technically the same strain. However, this isn’t always the case.

You see, kratom manufacturers and distributors have their own different ways of handling kratom. Because of this, even with similar names such as Yellow Elephant or Gold Elephant, they may actually have completely different effects altogether, or, at the very least, slightly different. In general, though, if you see “Gold Elephant Powder” or some other title in the market, it’s most likely just another term for good old Yellow Elephant Kratom.


Gold Elephant Kratom Effects

The signature effect of Gold Elephant Kratom is its potential relaxing properties.  Gold Elephant Kratom may potentially help deal with excess mental tension in a cinch, depending on how much you take and how your body reacts to the kratom.

Another special property of Gold Elephant Kratom is its potential mood-elevating effects. Though not as potent as its potential relaxant abilities, Gold Elephant Kratom might help you feel mentally positive in no time. You might not have to worry about bad days or rough work shifts as much if you’ve got Gold Elephant Kratom to keep you going.


Gold Elephant Kratom Dosage


Gold Elephant Kratom Dosage

Gold Elephant Kratom can be taken the same way you would take most kratom strains. An average of 4-7 grams should be enough for a full dose. Of course, if you aren’t very good at handling kratom, you should start off with maybe one or two grams first to get the hang of it before really going for the heavier doses, or else you’ll end up experiencing some side-effects.


Similar Strains

The Elephant Kratom family in general is an underrated group of kratom strains. If you don’t want to just try Elephant Kratom, we recommend testing out Dragon Kratom, which is a combination of Elephant Kratom and Maeng Da Kratom.