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Gold Kratom Strains: Benefits, Effects & Types

The usual strains (red, green, and white) are a no-brainer go-to in the kratom world as your standard vein colors. However, did you know that Gold Kratom differs from these traditional vein color types by undergoing a specialized blending and fermentation method?

Gold Kratom, a unique kratom type, has recently become a crowd favorite amongst many. Originating from the same Mitragyna Speciosa family you’ve known, you’ll be surprised that Gold Kratom has unique properties due to its unique alkaloid profile and fermentation and drying processes. In this guide, let’s uncover fascinating facts about Gold Kratom and discuss everything to know about this uncommon strain type.

Understanding Gold Kratom

Gold Kratom is not an ordinary kratom strain type or vein color. It veers away from the primary vein colors – red, white, and green. It features a specialized blend of multiple vein colors in the same fermented strain. Moreover, Gold Kratom isn’t named as such because of its natural golden color on its leaves. Instead, the golden hue is achieved by blending multiple vein colors, thanks to a combination of specialized harvesting, cultivation, and drying processes. The processes and blending process contribute to Gold Kratom’s specialized alkaloid profile and potential effects.

image of understanding gold kratom

Here are some more facts about Gold Kratom:

  • It is a crafted blend, not a defined vein color.
  • It stands apart from Yellow Kratom through an added fermentation process.
  • Because of differences in the blend and fermentation processes, the composition of the product can vary significantly between vendors and manufacturers.

Unraveling the History of Gold Strains

Gold Kratom strains only became popular in the last three years when suppliers noticed a notable trend among beginner and experienced users alike. Kratom enthusiasts reported their preferences for Gold Kratom’s unique effects, which offer a potentially balanced experience compared to the standalone vein colors. This meant Gold Kratom became a more versatile choice due to its full-spectrum composition of alkaloids.

Gold Strains undergo a distinct fermentation process that separates them from Yellow Kratom, which has already been a Southeast Asian tradition. Reports became famous about how this ancient technique could alter kratom’s alkaloid concentration through processes such as oxidation.

A Look into The Different Types of Gold Kratom and Their Effects

Let’s take a look at the most common types of Gold Kratom strains and a summary of their potential effects below:

StrainPotential Effects
Gold BaliPotential for mood enhancement and relaxation
Gold Maeng DaPotential for energy, focus, and mood lift
Yellow GoldPotential for mood improvement and a mild energy increase
Gold Kali (Kalimantan)Potential for relaxation and stress relief
Gold ElephantPotential for cognitive enhancement and mood lift
Gold Hulu KapuasPotential for relaxation and mood enhancement
Gold SumatraPotential for relaxation and stress reduction
Gold ThaiPotential for energy and mood enhancement
Gold BorneoPotential for relaxation and mood stabilization
Gold VietnamPotential for mental clarity and mood improvement
Super GoldPotential for relaxation and mood enhancement

So, what’s the precise reason users rave about Gold Kratom? Apart from having a distinct manufacturing and processing process, this blend also features many potential effects that may satisfy users’ specific needs. While the effects may not be the same for all users, it’s helpful to know how exactly Gold Kratom might assist and benefit you.

1. Mood Boost & Well-Being

One of Gold Kratom’s renowned benefits is potentially enhancing and elevating your mood, driving a better sense of well-being. This strain type has been the go-to among experienced users who want a mood-boost effect.

2. Relaxing & Calming

At the same time, Gold Kratom also has a distinct effect in making you potentially feel calmer and more relaxed. It might also be suitable for individuals who want to sleep better and longer.

3. Sedation

Fancy some deep relaxation? Gold Kratom also has potential soothing qualities that might lead to sedation.

4. Easing Tensions

Finally, Gold Kratom is also believed to potentially help ease mental and physical tensions by helping calm a restless mind and aid in full-body relaxation.

image of dosage guidelines for gold kratom

Dosage Guidelines for Gold Kratom

While there is no one-dosage-fits-all principle across all kratom strains, following the recommended dosage guidelines may also be vital to achieving your desired effects with Gold Kratom while also minimizing potential risks. Always consider your body and its physical tolerance when choosing the consumption method and the amount of Gold Kratom you plan on taking.

Below is a guide you may use as a baseline and the commonly seen corresponding effects per dosage range. If you’re a beginner, start with the lowest possible dose to allow your body to adjust while remaining vigilant. At the same time, the lowest dose may also let you gauge your tolerance and personal compatibility with the strain type.

1 to 2 grams, - This range may lead to a subtle and mild outcome. Users may notice a gentle change in their experience.3 to 5 grams - A moderate dosage might result in a more noticeable effect.6+ grams - Avoid exceeding 6 grams, as higher doses may heighten the risk of discomfort and side effects.

Apart from knowing the potential benefits of Gold Kratom, understanding its potential risks and side effects is also crucial. While many enjoy the benefits of Gold Kratom without issue, some users may encounter side effects, particularly with higher dosages or due to individual sensitivities. Watch out for the most common side effects listed below.

Nausea can vary from mild discomfort to severe, especially at higher doses or due to individual sensitivity. To manage, start with lower doses, adjusting gradually while monitoring tolerance and response.

Dizziness, including feelings of instability or a spinning sensation, can affect daily activities. Reducing the dose or staying hydrated may help; if persistent, it might be best to stop using kratom.

Changes in Bowel Movements may include alterations in frequency and comfort. Encouraging regular physical activity and maintaining adequate hydration are beneficial management strategies.

Headaches may occur, so you may need to reduce the dose or stop using. Proper hydration and taking breaks in between consumption may help.

Drowsiness could affect alertness and energy levels, suggesting a need to adjust the dosage or reconsider usage.

Stomach Ache/GI Discomfort includes general discomfort in the gastrointestinal tract. Dietary adjustments and opting for smaller, more frequent meals can provide relief.

Constipation, a common issue with Mitragyna Speciosa products, may be alleviated by increasing fiber intake and fluid consumption.

Sweating excessively, unrelated to physical exertion, can be managed by keeping the environment cool and staying well-hydrated.

Irritability/Mood Changes, including shifts in mood or increased irritability, may occur. Monitoring for changes is essential; consulting a healthcare professional is advisable if symptoms are severe.

Changes in Blood Pressure could be observed, warranting regular monitoring, especially if pre-existing conditions exist.

“Eye Wobbles,” or difficulty focusing the eyes, leading to discomfort, may warrant a dosage reduction or discontinuation if symptoms persist.

Vomiting, particularly severe nausea leading to vomiting at higher doses, can be managed by starting with lower doses and discontinuing if the issue persists.

Tolerance/Habit Formation may develop with increased tolerance levels, leading to higher consumption. Implementing periodic breaks in usage can help prevent tolerance buildup.

Given these considerations and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s warnings about kratom due to safety concerns and potential for abuse, we strongly advise you to consult your healthcare professional before starting your kratom journey. Some users may also experience more rare and severe side effects than the common ones listed above. However, these types of adverse effects are more common when mixing Gold Kratom with certain substances or medications or in those with certain health conditions. Regardless, it is essential to be educated and aware of these risks.

Consistent communication with your doctor is even more essential when you’ve never tried kratom before or have an underlying medical condition.  More importantly, A healthcare provider can offer guidance considering your health history, current medications, and any underlying conditions to minimize risks and ensure a potentially safer experience with Gold Kratom.

image of legality of gold kratom in united states

The Legality of Gold Kratom in the United States

Now that you have a brief background on Gold Kratom, it’s also crucial to know its current legal situation across various US states. One thing to know about this botanical is that its legal landscape varies widely from one jurisdiction to another in the United States. Even though Gold Kratom remains legal on a Federal level, a few states have imposed bans and/or restrictions on its use. These restrictions are the result of ongoing debates about kratom’s safety, the potential for misuse, and its current status as a substance.

State-Level Restrictions and Legal Status

While Gold Kratom is federally legal, several states have taken steps to regulate or ban its use, sale, and possession because of concerns over its effects and potential for abuse. These regulations have led to a complex legal landscape across the country.

Current US States with kratom bans include Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin. They have classified kratom, including all its strains, such as Gold Kratom, as a Schedule 1 controlled substance, effectively banning its use.

Local Jurisdiction Variances

Beyond state-imposed bans, certain cities and counties have established restrictions on kratom despite it being legal at the state level. In places like San Diego, California, and Sarasota County, Florida, local ordinances have been put in place to ban kratom and/or its primary alkaloids effectively. This highlights the importance of staying updated on the current laws and guidelines regarding kratom because there may be different restrictions across US states.

Looking Forward: The Future of Federal Regulation

The legal status of Gold Kratom is dynamic, which means that even though it’s currently stable, ongoing debates may still cause a sudden shift in its current guidelines. Discussions around its safety, potential health benefits, and risks continue to influence legislative actions.

Ongoing legislative activity regarding kratom regulation at a federal level includes a bill currently under consideration in Congress. The 2023 bill aims to regulate kratom on a national level, focusing on quality control and consumer safety instead of outright prohibition. This reflects a growing recognition of the need for a consensus on kratom guidelines that ensure safer products and consumer protection and, at the same time, allow access to kratom for responsible users.image of gold kratom faq

Gold Kratom – FAQs

Is Gold Kratom habit-forming?

Like all kratom strains, Gold Kratom is also habit-forming, especially with daily ongoing usage. Its alkaloid composition interacts with several body receptors and may increase the risk of developing dependency and tolerance to effects when used without moderation.

What is Gold Kratom used for?

Gold Kratom is famous for its distinctive blend of effects. You may experience enhanced mood, increased well-being, and even sedation. This explains why most users report Gold Kratom’s versatility; however, it is generally more sedating than Yellow blends.

How long does Gold Kratom last?

Several factors, such as dosage, individual tolerance, and metabolic rate, can influence the duration of Gold Kratom’s effects. However, its effects may generally last from 3 to 5 hours.


What are the main effects of Gold Kratom?

Gold Kratom is known for its potential to uplift mood, induce calmness, and provide soothing qualities. These effects can vary across individuals depending on personal dosage and tolerance levels.

Are there any drug interactions with Gold Kratom?

Cautious use is necessary when combining Gold Kratom with other medications or substances, which can lead to hazardous combinations. If you are planning to use kratom and are on certain medications or substances, it is essential to discuss these with your doctor.

How should Gold Kratom be stored?

To ensure its longevity and maintain its potency, Gold Kratom should be stored in a location that is cool, dry, and away from direct sunlight. Make sure to consult the label which should have an expiration date of the product (when stored correctly).

CONTENT DISCLAIMER: The content on this page is strictly for entertainment purposes only. The content below has not been medically reviewed and is not intended to offer advice for use or intended use. For more information about kratom and its potential dangers, please visit the fda.gov site.

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