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Kratom Bars : What Are They?

December 15th, 2022BlogNo Comments »

Kratom Bars : What Are They?

For obvious reasons, the kratom community is getting bigger. More kratom users are seeking like-minded folk with whom to socialize and learn all about kratom. This is why kratom bars are popping up.

What are Kratom Bars?

A kratom bar is a hangout place with a menu revolving around kratom. Outside that one detail, there are no hard and fast rules on what it should be.

Kratom bars can resemble traditional bars where you order alcoholic drinks. It can also be a cafe or tea shop where you can relax on a warm afternoon, alone or with your friends or partner. Its slow but steady emergence gives kratom users a chance to explore the different experiences kratom brings.

image of why are kratom bars gaining popularity

Why Are Kratom Bars Gaining Popularity?

As the number of kratom users increases, the demand for catering to different needs grows. From an economic standpoint, it’s following a predictable trajectory: the more consumers discover different types of kratom and ways to consume it, the more establishments offer services that meet them.

From the individual user’s point of view, what started as an effort to expand their knowledge of kratom now becomes a quest to enrich their experience. Going to a kratom bar gives you a break from the routine and introduces you to new things.

Kratom bars also make kratom more accessible to newbies and allow an environment where they can mingle with experts, giving way to a rewarding exchange for everyone.

Why Choose a Kratom Bar Over an Alcohol One?

While the experience in traditional bars is still fun, there are significant advantages kratom bars hold over alcohol bars.

No Hangover

This is the most obvious reason for anyone who hangs out in kratom bars. We can have all the fun from a night out without the consequences of a hangover.

And here’s a bonus: There’s no need to designate a driver who will miss out on all the fun.

The Same Cost, More Fun

Another advantage kratom bars have over alcohol bars is that they cost us the same, but we end up with much more rewarding outcomes.

No Overspending

We’re all familiar with how we overspend on alcohol in a traditional bar and regret everything right after. The relaxing environment of kratom bars helps reduce such impulsive decisions by helping you think more clearly.

image of what to look for in a kratom bar

What to Look for in a Kratom Bar

Kratom bars are all unique and can delight and surprise you in different ways. If you haven’t been to a kratom or kava bar yet, the following criteria can guide you in choosing the best place for your first visit.

Chill Atmosphere

While there are kratom bars that maintain a more energetic ambiance, you might want to check out a more relaxed place on your first visit. This way, you get to be more mindful as you take in the experience. Kratom bars where you can sip good kratom tea while reading a book could be a good option.

Unique Menu

A good kratom bar must have a good collection of best-quality kratom drinks and food to explore. It doesn’t have to be an extensive menu but opt for kratom bars that serve kratom drinks and dishes that bring you joy or make your jaw drop.

Variety of Activities

This is optional, but some great kratom bars offer a variety of fun in the form of board and tabletop games and creative nooks. If this is what you’re currently looking for, you can find places where you can relax by sipping your red vein kratom drink as you beat your friend at Scrabble.

Comparing Kratom Bars and Kava Bars

In your search for a kratom bar, you may have stumbled upon kava. In fact, it’s most likely that you didn’t find a kratom bar near you at all.

This is because kratom bars are just starting to appear in different corners of the country. While there are certainly kratom bars to check out, they’re more often extensions to kava bars, which have been around for much longer.

Most items in our list below are kava bars, so let’s cover one more point before checking out the best kratom bars in the country.

What Is a Kava Bar?

A kava bar is characterized by its relaxing ambiance and kava drinks. Kava is a plant from the South Pacific islands. Utilizing the roots, people from this part of the world have been consuming this plant for its relaxation properties.

Being less controversial than kratom, kava has easily made its way through the U.S. market.

Top Kratom Bars in the U.S.

image of brooklyn kava kratom bar in the u.s

New York – Brooklyn Kava

As Brooklyn’s first kratom bar and considered one of the best in New York, it’s not a surprise to find the most knowledgeable staff to ask about kratom here. If you’re a beginner and not sure what kratom drink to get, all you need to do is ask the barista. It has an artsy interior, making it perfect for the chill afternoon you’re looking for.

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image of the root kava kratom bar in colorado

Colorado – The Root Kava

Another kratom bar featuring an art-centric interior is The Root Kava. Its chill music, friendly staff, and collection of local art render it a cozy kratom bar for you and your friends. Aside from the great kratom menu, you’ll find a kratom community that makes open mics a lot more fun. The crowd, selection of drinks, atmosphere, and aesthetics make it the best kratom bar to hang out in Colorado.

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image of soverign kava bar in north carolina

North Carolina – Sovereign Kava Bar

There are several things about the best kratom and kava bars in North Carolina, but one feature stands out. All kratom and kava enthusiasts must check out their 40-foot-long bar. Enjoy the company of helpful staff and live bands while choosing from their kratom strain choices. They also have open mics and a ping-pong table.

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image of kava culture kava bar in texas

Texas – Kava Culture Kava Bar

Getting their kratom beverage fixed in Texas is always a pleasant experience for the loyal customers of Kava Culture Kava Bar. It’s also perfect for first-timers as the baristas serve delicious kratom drinks. Great service, amazing interior design, and to-die-for drinks all make for a memorable experience.

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California – Kratom Kava Bar

Kratom Kava Bar in Carlsbad, California, has everything you want in a decent kratom bar and more. It has a great staff, relaxing interior, and a variety of drinks that will challenge your creativity and willingness to experiment. You can always ask the baristas for their pre-made drinks, but you can also choose your own flavors from their menu.

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roots miami kratom bar in florida

Florida – Roots Miami

If you’re looking for a kratom spot in Miami brewing with artists and musicians, Roots Miami is the kratom bar you’re looking for. Offering an extensive menu of quality kratom and kava drinks and establishing a solid kratom community, it’s undoubtedly one of the best kratom bars in Florida. It’s the place to have a good time with your friends. If you want to catch their open mic event, drop by on a Wednesday.

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Other Kratom Bars to Check Out in Florida

Florida is home to many great kratom bars, so choosing the best one relies on subjective taste. Here are other kratom bars to visit in this state.

Grassroots Kava House

If you want to have the option to socialize, study, or work alone, this Kava House will give you exactly that. The first floor is for the busier crowd. If you want some peace and quiet, head to the second floor, where you’ll find fellow kratom lovers whose noses are buried in books or laptops.

They also serve other beverages like coffee, so you can still hang out with your friends who don’t consume kratom.

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image of bula kafe in petesburg florida

Bula Kafe

Located in St. Petersburg, Bula Kafe is the first of the four branches of Bula Nation. To highlight two strengths among the many, you’ll find intriguing kratom drinks and an unrivaled social atmosphere in Bula Kafe. Their friendly baristas can always help you choose your order. They also hold karaoke and trivia nights.

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Final Thoughts

Because the whole concept is relatively new, finding kratom bars may be challenging at first. But seeing its consistent traction, more hangout places will be popping out soon.

CONTENT DISCLAIMER: The content on this page is strictly for entertainment purposes only. The content below has not been medically reviewed and is not intended to offer advice for use or intended use. For more information about kratom and its potential dangers, please visit the fda.gov site.

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