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Red Riau Kratom Benefits and Dosage

Recently, a new strain of red vein kratom has been making waves in the kratom community. Known for its mixed properties and benefits, this strain takes the best out of two popular red vein kratom strains and puts them in one neat package. That’s right, we’re talking about Red Riau Kratom.

While Red Riau Kratom does contain your usual properties of red vein kratom, what makes it special is its ancestry. Combining both Indo and Sumatra Kratom strains, Red Riau Kratom serves as a newer, more enhanced version of its parent strains. Read on to find out whether or not Red Riau Kratom lives up to its ancestry, and if it’s worth getting yourself.

Red Riau Kratom Benefits

Like Red Sumatra Kratom, Red Riau Kratom hails from the country of Indonesia, though it comes from the local region of Riau, where it gets its name. And the similarities don’t stop there – Red Riau Kratom actually has similar characteristics to both the Sumatra and Indo Kratom strains. The main thing that sets Red Riau Kratom apart from other strains, however, is that it doesn’t taste nearly as bitter as other Kratom strains. What’s more, this doesn’t come at the cost of quality, so you’re getting the similar potential of benefits, but with a better flavor and smell.

Red Riau Kratom Dosage

Red Riau Kratom is typically consumed using the toss and wash method, as with all other kratom powders. As Red Riau Kratom can be quite potent, a gram or two at a time will suffice for first-timers. After that, it’s all about assessing whether or not you’re capable of taking heavier doses at a time.

If you aren’t into the toss and wash method, you can always add the powder to tea instead. It makes consuming the powder a lot easier, and with some added ingredients, such as lemon, it’ll taste great. Be sure to drink the tea as soon as you can for full effect.

Red Riau

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Similar Strains

Since Red Riau Kratom comes from Indo and Sumatra strains, you can expect a somewhat similar experience when trying out either Red Indo or Red Sumatra Kratom. Of course, only Red Riau Kratom will have both of the strains’ effects, so you’ll be missing out when trying either one.

Alternatively, users can also look for Red Bali Kratom instead. Riau Kratom is available in the Green Vein variety. It is also worth noting that since it is the Green Vein counterpart, you can expect a more

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