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Super White Kratom Benefits, Effects and Dosage

We’ve talked about Super Reds. Now, we’ll discuss Super White Kratom, another group of botanicals that represent the whites’ enhanced potency.  The origins of Super Kratom types are kinda uncertain, and there’s an ongoing debate in the community about how legit the “Super” label actually is.

Some believe Super Whites represent superior variations of original strains, flaunting bright white veins and a more decadent alkaloid makeup. These tend to be tied to a potent, uplifting aroma. On the flip side, some vendors may use the “Super” tag just to market batches of regular White Kratom that happen to be more potent or have unique traits but aren’t necessarily distinct strains of their own. While research is still not enough regarding Super White, we all know increasing kratom users are starting to rely on this strain for its potential effects.

Buyers need to know that the “Super” designation can vary from one seller to another. So it’s advisable to research and purchase from reputable sources, ensuring you get products aligning with personal preferences and needs.

Super White Vs. Regular White Veins: The Ultimate Difference

Regarding strength, Super White leaves may be more potent and richer in alkaloids than the regular whites. However, it remains unclear whether super kratom strains are definitely super and offer more intense effects or whether farmers supply the super strains as more potent batches of regular white strains. With this said, generally, the “super” strains are higher than the average mitragynine or 7-hydroxy mitragynine percentage. Some vendors charge more for super white strains, while others have priced the same.

Super White strains have the same names as regular white strains, for example, Super White Maeng Da and Bali. Below, we’ll briefly overview the most common super white veins you might be curious about.

image of a list of super white kratom strains

A List of Super White Kratom Strains

  1. Super White Sumatra: Potential blended and balanced effects; mid-range in potency for experienced users
  2. Super White Borneo: Possibly highly energizing and more stimulating than other white strains
  3. Super White Maeng Da: Considered possibly one of the most potent white strains available, strong effects preferred by experienced users
  4. Super White Bali: Believed to offer simultaneous relaxing and energizing effects; ideal for beginners
  5. Super White Indonesian: Generally has a higher alkaloid 7-hydroxy mitragynine content, possibly contributing to its energizing effects

Super White’s Common Benefits and Effects

Boosting energy levels is what Super White Kratom is excellent at. It’s possible to feel increased focus and alertness, making it a favorite among users seeking a potential natural energy boost. The stimulating effect feels clean and smooth without feeling as jittery as you would when drinking coffee.

Besides energy, Super White may also be a trusted strain for enhancing endurance. If you love working out or trying different sports, this strain might be the botanical you need to power through the day. Mood enhancement may also be a common benefit, which greatly improves your sense of well-being.

image of common effects and benefits of super white

Super White Kratom might also help with enhancing your focus and concentration. This group of strains might help maintain high productivity levels and mental clarity. Unlike the sometimes chaotic and crashing effects of caffeine, Super White Kratom is said to promote a state of calm focus, allowing users to engage in their tasks with greater attention and efficiency.

Here’s the catch: Super White kratom also potentially promotes relaxing effects, helping you possibly feel calmer and less stressed. Some say you can feel these effects in lower doses.

But, of course, experiences and effects vary in every individual. You should also consider factors like dose amount, how your body reacts, certain Super White strains, manufacturer, and batch factors. This is why sourcing these botanicals from trustworthy vendors ensures you only get quality, pure, and lab-tested products.

Most Common Potential Side Effects

  • Restlessness
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Wobbles
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Drowsiness
  • Appetite changes
  • Mood changes
  • Dehydration
  • Increases in blood pressure
  • Constipation
  • Dependency

Remember, these are just some of the typical common reactions. Always consider rare and severe side effects that some may encounter. The Food and Drug Administration has stated a warning for people not to use kratom due to potential risks. Also, mixing kratom with other things, such as medications and drugs, may drastically increase the risks of severe adverse effects. Existing medical conditions may also lead to a higher risk, so always speak with a doctor before trying Super White Kratom (or any other strain for that).

Additionally, remember that kratom might be habit-forming and lead to tolerance and possible withdrawal over time. Always consider these risks and also discuss them with a professional.

image of dosage guidelines

What Are The Dosage Guidelines?

Low Dose (1-2 grams): Beginners should start here for potential mild stimulation and focus boosts without overwhelming effects.

Moderate Dose (2-4 grams): Working up, this level might provide energizing mood lifts that are more potent but still often manageable.

High Dose (4-6 grams): Experienced users may choose this amount, but the more intense reactions and higher potential mood/energy lifts also come with a higher risk of side effects and warrant caution.

We recommend starting low if you are new to assessing personal reactions to gauge your reactions to any Super strains. Slowly increasing allows you to gauge your optimal amount, or sweet spot, where you get maximum potential benefits while reducing side effects.

Again, as we’ve mentioned, consulting a healthcare professional before trying any new kratom product is always advisable, especially if you have existing health conditions or take other medications.

CONTENT DISCLAIMER: The content on this page is strictly for entertainment purposes only. The content below has not been medically reviewed and is not intended to offer advice for use or intended use. For more information about kratom and its potential dangers, please visit the fda.gov site.