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Super Yellow Kratom Benefits, Effects, and Dosage

Today, we’ll explore a strain of the yellow kratom variety, Super Yellow. But what is “Super Yellow?” How does it differ from the other yellow blends, and what gives it its Super designation? We’ll explore these questions as we unpack this strain piece by piece so that you can come to an adequate understanding. Read below to learn more about Super Yellow, including its origins, alkaloid composition, potential benefits, adverse effects, and dosage guidelines.

image of super yellow kratom

Super Yellow Kratom: Why is it Super?

Super Yellow Kratom has a unique background compared to other common kratom varieties. Rather than coming from a specific vein-leaf color (like reds, whites, and greens), this super strain involves specialized blending of different vein colors with high alkaloid content. Generally, a yellow strain is a mixture of Red, Green, and White kratom varieties, although it is common to have only Red and White mixed or Red and Green mixed, giving the resulting finished powder a hint of yellow.

“Super Yellow” isn’t an actual strain, like, for instance, Yellow Bali, which blends multiple vein colors of the Bali strain. Super Yellow is sold just as Super Yellow doesn’t have a strain-type designation. Instead, vendors may mix different color varieties of differing strains or use more potent leaves from within the strain when selling it as a standalone Super Yellow.

Therefore, Super Yellow sold as such is not an identifiable strain from Southeast Asia but is a word that describes the mix or potency. If you aren’t sure, the best practice is to check a supplier’s COAs or ask them how the Super strain differs from the regular strains they offer. We’ll also detail some defined Super Yellow Strains below, which belong to the same strain group and are used to describe the leaf quality and/or potency.

Comparing Super to Regular Yellows

While Super Yellow belongs to the yellow kratom family, it’s unique in a few ways. How it is unique will depend highly on the vendor, their specific mix, and the strains’ properties. In general, regular yellow kratom strains are known to provide a balance and full spectrum of effects due to the mixing of the various vein colors. Generally, a regular yellow vein mix might have a 1.2% – 1.4% Mitragynine range, whereas a “Super” version might have a 1.4% – 1.6% range. However, each vendor may grade this differently.

image of types of super yellow strains

Types of Super Yellow Strains

Super Yellow Kratom includes different identifiable strains, but listed below are the popular ones you may encounter in most vendors and online shops:  {TABLE}

StrainPotential Effects
Super Yellow Maeng DaA more potent Maeng Da known for its potential energizing and uplifting effects
Super Yellow BaliChosen for its potentially balanced, feel-good vibe with mild energy
Super Yellow BorneoPotentially promotes focus and vitality without excess stimulation
Super Yellow SumatraThis one may lift the mood and give a moderate energy increase
Super Yellow IndoPopular pick for it potential productivity and uplifting punch

Potential Benefits & Effects

Generally, Super Yellow Kratom combines red and green vein varieties, but the exact composition and concentration may differ per vendor. This means its impacts can vary widely, but it’s usually got some predictable patterns.

Because Super Yellow Kratom often has a green-vein component, you may experience an elevated mood and better mental focus with Super Yellow strains. It often creates a middle ground between calmness and energy, which may make it an ideal choice among those seeking a balance between strain color varieties.

On the other hand, the red-vein counterpart often contributes to Super Yellow’s mellowing qualities, possibly making it an excellent choice for unwinding after a work day. Finally, this specialized strain might incorporate the effects of white kratom strains for an extra added kick. Because of the combination of the two or three classical vein colors, Super Yellow may work similarly to a cup of coffee in terms of the potential mood boost and wakefulness, but without the added jitteriness.
Apart from what was mentioned, Super Yellow Kratom also has the potential to promote physical relaxation, so it can be a great strain to help ease body tension without excessive sedation. You may not have to worry about experiencing overstimulation because Super Yellow is often subtler and provides more balanced properties for many. This may include anywhere from mild stimulation to gentle calmness.

image of super kratom knowing the risk

Super Yellow: Knowing the Risks

Just because Super Yellow Kratom has more specialized processing doesn’t mean it does not come with a fair share of risks and side effects. It’s like any other kratom strain, with risks of improper use. So always watch out for the following:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Stomach discomfort
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Constipation
  • Sweating
  • Sleep problems
  • Mood changes
  • Blood pressure changes
  • Habit formation

Above, we have listed the most common ones that you may encounter with Super Yellow kratom; however, be advised that other more serious side effects could occur in some individuals, although rare. Serious side effects are much more likely in those combining kratom with other substances, such as medications or drugs, and in those with health conditions. Regardless, it is critical to be aware of these risks, consult with your doctor before using kratom, and always keep your dosage as low as possible.

Speaking of dosage, regarding habit formation and tolerance, kratom products may build tolerance over time with daily repeated use. Upon stopping kratom after long-term usage (especially with high dosages), one might experience unpleasant side effects (mood disturbances, sleep issues, etc), which might make it more challenging to quit. One should keep the risks of tolerance and habit formation in mind before starting any kratom regimen and discuss these risks with their doctor before use.

Dosage Guidelines of Super Yellow

Finding the correct dose of Super Yellow, or any kratom strain, for that matter, depends on you and your body and personal factors. Kratom itself is known to have something known as the ceiling effect, which means at a threshold, positive benefits may stop, but adverse effects might increase. Finding the lowest effective dose for you, taking frequent breaks from kratom, and starting under 1 gram when first starting a new kratom strain or vendor are the best dosage guidelines to follow. Listen to your body, discuss with your doctor, and educate yourself on all of the risks before use.
You should consider factors like experience level, desired effects, and how your body will react. There’s no universal dose that fits everyone, but it’s nice to have some guidance to ensure you don’t go over the recommended highest possible dose.

image of dosage of super yellow kratom

  • Low Dose (1-2 grams): This is great if you’re new to kratom. It might include subtle lifts in mood, focus, and energy that let you get a feel without it being too much.
  • Moderate Dose (2-5 grams) – For those with some kratom experience already, this dose might provide a more pronounced mood and energy boost, possibly including feelings of contentment and well-being.
  • High Dose (5-8+ grams)—A high dosage range is NOT RECOMMENDED, especially with Super Yellow strains, which might be slightly more potent than regular types. You are likely to find the ceiling effect in the range, greatly increasing the risk of adverse effects and tolerance.

CONTENT DISCLAIMER: The content on this page is strictly for entertainment purposes only. The content below has not been medically reviewed and is not intended to offer advice for use or intended use. For more information about kratom and its potential dangers, please visit the fda.gov site.