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Gold Bali Bulk Kratom

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The Gold Bali Kratom Strain is a misnomer to say the least. With its yellow-gold appearance, one may be led to believe it bears significant similarities with the Yellow Vietnam strain. On the contrary, you wouldn’t be further from the truth.

Like the hidden treasures of its island of origin, the Gold Bali is a red kratom hiding in plain sight. With its signature calm and relaxation effects, the Gold Bali is that enigmatic strain you’ll have a special place for in your kratom-loving heart.

What Is This Strain?

This strain, as can be seen in its namesake, originates from the islands of Bali in Indonesia. The tropical climate of Indonesia is a natural environment for producing rich soil capable of producing prolific flora in the region. The Gold Bali owes much of its quality to this lush environment.

The Gold Bali starts as a red vein that undergoes a prolonged process of curing and drying. This handling of the plant thought to be a partial fermentation similar to tea is believed to bring out the richness of the alkaloids in the plant.

The result of this a transformation of the red veins into a yellow-golden color characteristic of the Gold Bali. This signature appearance and process have made Gold Bali a frequent talking point among kratom users the world over.

What Are The Effects?

The Gold Bali produces a signature relaxing effect that also promotes a strong sense of relaxation with a hint of euphoria. The effect speaks volumes of its red vein origins and many are even suggesting its actually an improvement of the original strains.

These are classic red effects taken to another level. It is perfect for use in the late afternoon or early evening following a long workday or workweek. It helps produce a boost in your appetite and the seamless transition to sleep is just the icing on the cake

Its long-lasting effects are also accented by bouts of positive vibes enmeshed in a state of Zen ideal for meditation and introspection. The effects can be bordering on heavy-handed that some may be put off. It leaves to be said that the Gold Bali is a very potent strain even for the regular kratom user.

Similar Strains

The Gold Bali, essentially a red vein kratom, bears many similarities to strains from that family. The Red Bali Kratom is an obvious first comparison. It is also known to produce sedative effects that are perfect for the late afternoon or early evening.

The Red Bentuangie, a kratom favorite grown from West Borneo, Indonesia, rose to prominence due to its relaxing and calming odor. The same effect can be gleaned with the use of this strain producing a consistent sedative effect ideal for relaxation.

Discussion of the Gold Bali will not go forth without a comparison with its close cousin, the Red Jambu. A white and red hybrid from the Jambu region of Malaysia, this strain produces the classic calming effect similar to Gold Bali with a little kick of a mood booster.

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa

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  1. Landen Barrett

    I love this company, the website is so easy to use and I get a further 10% discount if I pay with an E-check even though their prices are already unbeatable. I have ordered multiple times and never had an issue with any of my orders, the shipping is always fast, and the product is always fresh and clean, I will never buy my Kratom elsewhere again.

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