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The Gold Bali Kratom Strain is a misnomer to say the least. With its yellow-gold appearance, one may be led to believe it bears significant similarities with the Yellow Vietnam strain. On the contrary, you wouldn’t be further from the truth.

Like the hidden treasures of its island of origin, Gold Bali is a red kratom hiding in plain sight.  This strain, as can be seen in its namesake, originates from the islands of Bali in Indonesia. The tropical climate of Indonesia is a natural environment for producing rich soil capable of producing prolific flora in the region. Gold Bali owes much of its quality to this lush environment.

Gold Bali starts as a red vein that undergoes a prolonged process of curing and drying. This handling of the plant thought to be a partial fermentation similar to tea is believed to bring out the richness of the alkaloids in the plant. The result of this a transformation of the red veins into a yellow-golden color characteristic of Gold Bali. This signature appearance and process have made Gold Bali a frequent talking point among kratom users the world over.

Disclaimer: This product comes with no directions for use. To learn more about kratom, please visit the site and search “kratom”. These products are not intended to be used to treat, cure or mitigate any disease, illness, ailment or condition. Handle this products at your own risk. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

3 reviews for Gold Bali

  1. Landen Barrett

    I love this company, the website is so easy to use and I get a further 10% discount if I pay with an E-check even though their prices are already unbeatable. I have ordered multiple times and never had an issue with any of my orders, the shipping is always fast, and the product is always fresh and clean, I will never buy my Kratom elsewhere again.

  2. Micah Kelly

    Real review!
    I’ve been buying kratom for over a year now, gotten from several sites and shops. This strain is one of the best I’ve tried. Great quality.
    Plus it came fast and the packaging is nice.
    I’ll be getting more from these guys.

  3. SM177Y

    I ordered a split kilo of this and the yellow vietnam as they’re both specially sun treated reds and they’re both quite good. I figured I’d give this one a try and it did not disappoint.

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