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Green Hulu Bulk Kratom

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When you talk about the best there was, the best there is, and the best there ever will be, the Green Kapuas Kratom is one of the candidates atop that list.

Sometimes referred to as the Green Hulu Kapuas, this rare green vein strain has been part of the top-shelf options among kratom troupers for the past several years. The positive buzz surrounding this product has made is such an in-demand option for many kratom connoisseurs

What Is This Strain?

Green Kapuas Kratom grows from the lush and rich Hulu forest located near the Kapuas river valley in the Island of Borneo. The area is known to be a difficult place to get to which has resulted in procuring this strain a relatively difficult ordeal.

The environment where the Green Kapuas Kratom grows has contributed greatly to its high-quality make-up. Expert farmers experienced in the cultivation and harvest of the Green Kapuas kratom are few and far between. Because of the nuances surround the procurement of this strain, it is a relatively scarce product in the market.

This is a more expensive strain compared to other products as the cost of distribution and manufacturing have driven the price high. Regardless, the Green Kapuas is a reliable and solid option that provides a great balance of the entire spectrum of kratom effects.

What Are The Effects?

The high alkaloid content of this product can be easily seen with the high-quality effects it produces. This is a traditional green vein but with the effects leveled up from the other green options. It may provide an energizing and relaxing feeling along with an amiable mood boost perfect for starting your day.

Its fast-acting nature makes it a great option for use as a morning strain, especially when you struggle to get going at the start of a day. It also comes with some great mental stimulation for creating the perfect mindset for getting things done. A lot of users swear by these effects and have included the Green Kapuas into their personal all-time favorites.

It’s important to understand initially that this is a potent kratom product, one you should not underestimate. Working your up in dosage is the way to go. Some users have recommended to prioritize finding your dose as getting it just right will provide you with the optimum experience of experiencing all its beneficial effects.

Similar Strains

The Green Kapuas is regarded by many as having a league of its own. However, certain comparisons are still made about it, like how it resembles the Green Bali Kratom in its balanced effects. This strain is also known to provide users a variety of different green effects not far off from what Green Kapuas has to offer.

Some enthusiasts liken the Green Kapuas to the Red Maeng Da Kratom, despite these being different strains. The Green Kapuas can replicate the strong relaxing and sedating effects of the Red Maeng Da. It is for this reason that Green Kapuas is also considered one of the most versatile strains in the market.

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa

4 reviews for Green Hulu Bulk Kratom

  1. Brett Warner

    They have way more options on strains than most vendors and top-notch products! Thank you BKN, you have my business.

  2. Ashley Mahoney (verified owner)

    Amazing quality kapuas! You have a new loyal customer, thank you!

  3. Edith Grabowsky

    Excellent quality, even better prices! I’m loving BKN and have discovered my personal go-to strains here! Green Kapuas is my newest favorite, the effects of which help me start the day and give an added boost in the afternoon. Thank you, BKN!

  4. Christian Dysthe (verified owner)

    This is very good and best new (for me at least) strain I have tried over the last couple of years. Please keep the quality up and don’t discontinue! And BKN has always come through for me, so this is where I go!

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