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White Thai


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Product Description

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White Thai takes its name from its place of origin, but don’t get fooled. Cultivation of this high-powered kratom strain takes place nearly four thousand miles away in the exotic lowlands of Indonesia. It gets harvested during late-phase maturity for a more developed and well-rounded cultivar.

Our Thai kratom powder receives third-party lab testing and arrives in secure, discreet packaging for your convenience. Bulk Kratom Now provides only the finest in Mitragyna speciosa specimens.

What is White Thai?

White Thai Kratom is a white vein kratom powder from Southeast Asia. This active breed derives from the kratom leaves of OG (Old Growth) Mitragyna speciosa trees. These live kratom plants contain a robust collection of alkaloids, flavonoids, and terpenoids.

White Thai possesses high levels of mitragynine and other essential alkaloids. These compounds offer patrons a full-bodied strain with sound and invigorating qualities uncharacteristic of most white-vein kratom.

Origins & Cultivation – Where Does it Come From & How Is It Grown?

White Thai Kratom originally came from a remote expanse of southern Thailand’s Khao Sok National Park. After the passing of 1943’s Thai kratom ban, sales of Thai kratom leaves became prohibited under Communist law. However, enthusiastic green thumbs found a way to purchase Thai kratom cuttings on the black market.

As a result, many farmers grow Thai kratom strains across Southeast Asia. Some have suggested that White Thai Kratom grows in Myanmar and Papua New Guinea, but we have found Indonesia to be the only viable location for healthy, fragrant kratom leaves.

Our native farmers cultivate White Thai on private reserves in the lush tropical lowlands of Kalimantan. These White Thai kratom trees get harvested as Summer gives way to the first days of autumn. The nip in the air helps to lock in kratom’s alkaloids, while exposure to partial sunlight contributes to its diversity.

Once our kratom leaves get selected, they get aerated to prevent mold and mildew. They are then lab-tested and transported to a GMP-compliant packing facility for further analysis.

Potential Effects (Properties, Aroma, Duration)

White Thai Kratom incorporates a wealth of exquisite indole alkaloids and terpenoid alkaloids, including ajmalicine akuammigine, corynantheidine, corynoxine A and B, epicatechin, 9-hydroxycorynantheidine, isomitraphylline, mitragynine, paynantheine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, speciociliatine, and speciogynine.

These rich chemical compounds represent the entire width and breadth of the kratom spectrum, providing a potential mix of elevating and soothing purported benefits. As a result, White Thai Kratom may appeal to those seeking clarity, endurance, inspiration, restfulness, and serenity.

With a sweet but earthy finish, this bold breed may be redolent of jackfruit, mangosteen, moss, and sandalwood. Our White Thai Kratom receives acclaim for its silky mouthfeel and a generally mild taste. Overwhelming bitterness may be typical of low-grade kratom products.

Our coveted White Thai kratom powder may be highly potent and “fast” in small doses. Lower doses get associated with elevation and thoughtfulness. Alternatively, higher doses make for a more soothing dosage for some. Users purportedly feel relaxed at a dosage of five grams or more.

Depending on the dosage, the duration of White Thai’s aroma may last up to eight hours. However, your overall experience will vary depending on allergies, lifestyle, tolerance, and weight. Those who take White Thai Kratom at a responsible dosage will yield the best results.

How Does White Thai Kratom Differ from Other Strains?

The alkaloids present in White Thai Kratom occur in concentrations distinct from other white vein strains. Therefore, its potential effects differ from other variations of white kratom. Where most white strains suit individuals seeking alleviation, White Thai provides many purported benefits typical of different strains, such as green and red veins.

Like Super Green Malay, White Thai Kratom may deliver clarity and motivation while increasing sociability and instilling potential invigoration. Although it features the same purported benefits as White Borneo Kratom and similar white strains, its prospective enhancement of lucidity gives it another dimension.

Where most white kratom offers restorative attributes and possible alleviation, White Thai Kratom provides a blend of animation and exhilaration rare among white strains. Its more replenishing traits balance its refreshing qualities.

White Thai vs. White Maeng Da – How the Two Compare

As mentioned above, White Thai kratom leaf differs from other kratom strains in its strength and versatility. An appropriate White Thai kratom dosage varies depending on body type, diet, and other extenuating factors. However, most users agree it is surprisingly effective at a threshold dose.

Our patrons say it is a more powerful kratom strain than most. Some have even compared it to White Maeng Da. Like Maeng Da strains, small servings of White Thai Kratom may be exhilarating, while moderate to high doses may be more bracing. Some have compared it to study herbs, noting its supposed alertness.

One Reddit member called White Thai “white fire,” adding it is an optimal “work blend,” while another claimed it was comparable to White Maeng Da. White Thai Kratom stands apart from Maeng Da in terms of white vein strains in its “fast” attributes.

White Maeng Da attracts praise for its soothing and exhilarating properties, but White Thai Kratom encompasses all that and more. Its delicate blend of invigoration and exhilaration makes it ideal for those who want an anytime strain.

Why Buy Thai Kratom from Bulk Kratom Now?

At Bulk Kratom Now, we specialize in ethically-sourced farm-fresh kratom powder. Our M. speciosa cultivars receive meticulous attention from our growers before they arrive at our GMP-compliant packing facilities. Our farmers grow only the finest kratom trees in Southeast Asia.

Where other brands overcharge for substandard kratom products, we maintain industry-low pricing across our entire collection. Moreover, we value your privacy and package our kratom powder accordingly. Every order gets shipped in secure, discreet mailers.

Our kratom powder comes backed by a generous 45-day money-back guarantee, which ensures you get what you paid for. If your items arrive damaged or otherwise compromised, we will refund your purchase price without hesitation. Your satisfaction is one of our top priorities.

Bulk Kratom Now supports the efforts of the AKA (American Kratom Association) and KCPA (Kratom Consumer Protection Act). Each of our kratom strains gets submitted for independent testing before end-stage manufacturing. In short, we are the future of kratom in the Western world.

Audit Report

All of our products comply with the American Kratom Association cGMP (current good manufacturing practices) program and their audit process.

White Thai
White Thai
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