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Green Borneo Kratom Benefits, Effects, and Dosage

It’s no stretch to argue that many kratom enthusiasts would want to visit the island of Borneo at least once in their lives. The land, once known for being the site of many wars and feuds, is now a hotspot for kratom, a medicinal plant with varying properties. Many popular kratom strains come from this special island, with Borneo kratom being arguably one of the most popular.

Green Borneo Kratom is the green vein kratom variant of the Borneo Kratom strain, and due to its nature, has the properties of both red and white kratom strains in one powder. The energy-boosting effects of the white vein and the relaxing properties of the red vein are both present in Green Borneo Kratom.

Today, we’re going to learn about the benefits that Green Borneo has on sleepyheads and opiate addicts alike. Read on to find out more.

Green Borneo Kratom Benefitsgreen borneo kratom benefits

Green Borneo Kratom takes the best of both kratom worlds and puts them in one package. This is especially worth noting because both Red Borneo and White Borneo kratom strains are outliers among their respective types, and combining the two makes for an interesting and potent combination.

Green Borneo Kratom is an exceptionally long-lasting strain, even longer-lasting than some other green kratom strains. Coming from the longest-lasting type of kratom veins, this makes Green Borneo Kratom one of the best.

Finally, it’s worth noting the applications of Green Borneo Kratom aside from its usual benefits. While it can definitely be used to improve your overall well-being, many people have turned to Green Borneo Kratom as an opiate substitute. Getting rid of opiate addiction is incredibly difficult, and without a proper substitute, users may end up relapsing and turn back to opiates.

Fortunately, Green Borneo Kratom offers a great solution, with effects that are potent enough to serve as a good substitute for opiates in general. This is a trend that’s becoming more common in recent years, with more types of kratom being used as substitutes.

Green Borneo Kratom Effects

The effects of Green Borneo Kratom aren’t as potent as red vein or white vein kratom, as you’d expect from green vein kratom strains. That being said, a single dose of Green Borneo Kratom lasts longer than many other green vein kratom strains, so it’s useful for longer periods of time.

A secondary effect of Green Borneo Kratom is its energy-boosting property. As it does inherit some of the effects of White Borneo Kratom, Green Borneo Kratom can also be used to keep yourself awake and alert, without having to drink anything like an energy drink or coffee. Don’t expect anything major though, as it isn’t as potent as your average red vein kratom strain.

Green Borneo Kratom Dosagegreen borneo kratom effects

While not being as potent as Green Malay Kratom, the effects of Green Borneo Kratom do last quite a while, so it’s important to be cautious when first trying it out. 2 grams is a safe start for those with experience, and 1 gram is perfect for those who are new to kratom entirely.

The highest you should aim for is 6 grams per dose. Any more can lead to some negative side-effects, and could potentially harm what was supposed to be a pleasant experience. Be sure to find out the largest dose you’re able to take before experiencing any side-effects.

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