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How Much Does Kratom Cost – A Comprehensive Pricing Guide

April 1st, 2024GuidesNo Comments »

The kratom industry, especially in the United States, features versatility in a wide range of products, catering to more users and enthusiasts. Just like any other products, kratom choices also come in various prices influenced by certain factors like strain, quantity, and your preferred form – may it be in powder, tea, extract, or capsule. And if you find it overwhelming to select the best kratom price that works for your budget, this guide is for you.

We’ll look into the basics of setting prices for most online kratom products to help you make more informed decisions that fit your needs. This guide also includes valuable tips to help you save more when buying kratom and the pricing differences of different forms, like tea bags and capsules.

image of cost of kratom powder online

Cost of Kratom Powder Online: A Quick Guide

Kratom prices mainly vary based on quantity, strain, and available form. Here’s a straightforward look at understanding how these products are priced, focusing on the cost per gram for the most commonly purchased sizes.

Buying in Bulk: A Cost-Efficient Approach

Kratom vendors often sell their products in various amounts based on grams/kilograms or ounces/pounds. If you want to score the lowest possible price, purchase kratom in bulk or larger quantities. While there is no guarantee, vendors normally give higher discounts as you increase the quantity you purchase. Basically, when you buy more, you save more on a per-gram basis, making bulk purchases a cost-efficient option.

Similar Strains Generally Have Consistent Pricing

It’s common to find most vendors selling the same strains for the same price, especially famous variants like Bali, Borneo, Indo, and Maeng Da. However, premium strains like the Super and Ultra Enhanced types may become more expensive price tags because of their increased potency and production cost.

To help you even further, below are brief overviews of the most affordable to the highest-priced kratom powder.

Low Priced Kratom Powder

SizeTotalAmount per GramTotal
50 grams$0.18$8.99
100 grams$0.15$14.99
250 grams$0.09$24.99
500 grams$0.08$39.99
1 kilo$0.07$69.99

image of average priced kratom powder

Average Priced Kratom Powder

SizeAmount per GramTotal
50 grams$0.26$12.99
100 grams$0.23$22.99
250 grams$0.20$49.99
500 grams$0.14$69.99
1 kilo$0.10$99.99

High Priced Kratom Powder

SizeAmount per GramTotal
50 grams$0.40$19.99
100 grams$0.30$29.99
250 grams$0.24$59.99
500 grams$0.18$89.99
1 kilo$0.15$149.99

Average Price of Kratom Tea Bags

Tea bags, such as capsules and powders, may be more expensive than other tea bags because they are not as widely available as the latter. Moreover, tea bags are already pre-measured at convenient doses, increasing their price points. And because suppliers for this type of kratom are more limited, this means less competition, ultimately resulting in higher customer demand. Remember that the higher the demand for a product, the higher the costs.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly alternative, kratom powder may be your best option. Unlike tea bags, powder forms of kratom are almost always available, and you can get them from various suppliers. The primary reason why most users prefer the powder form, aside from its affordability, is because it allows flexible dosing and is more adaptable. This makes it easier to adjust your preferred amount depending on your needs. Purchasing in bulk also offers a cost-effective option, making powder an economical choice for regular kratom users.

Here’s a tabulated list of the general price points for kratom tea bags.

TierNumber of BagsTotal PricePrice Per Bag
Low12 bags$11.99$1.00
Mid14 bags$18.99$1.36
High15 bags$24.99$1.67

image of tips to save on cost when buying kratom tea

Tips to Save on Cost When Buying Kratom Tea

We totally understand how costly it can be when purchasing kratom products, especially for regular users. To help you get more creative for your wallet and taste preferences, make sure to follow the following valuable tips:

  • Brew with What You Have: Whip kratom tea using a coffee maker or French press. Treat kratom powder like coffee grounds for an easy brew.
  • DIY Tea Bags: Grab empty tea bags, fill them with kratom powder, and you’re set for a traditional brew. This method beats the cost of pre-filled tea bags by a mile.

Going the DIY route with kratom tea bags cuts costs and lets you customize your tea according to exactly how you want it. It’s a straightforward, budget-friendly approach that puts you in charge of your kratom experience.

Buying Kratom Locally vs. Online: The Cost Difference

Can’t decide whether to purchase kratom locally or online? Here are the real deals to consider to find the best method that suits your budget and preferences:

Why It’s Pricier Locally:

  • Shops tend to jack up the prices. The reason is pretty basic: more overhead, including the rent, utilities, and all other shenanigans you may think of.
  • Middleman Markup: These stores often don’t get their kratom directly from farms or Southeast Asian suppliers. They buy from someone else domestically in the US, a middleman or distributor. So, the price is already bumped up when it hits the shelf—sometimes double what you’d find online.

But It’s Not All Bad:

  • No Waiting Game: You don’t have to wait for the delivery of the products. Grab your kratom there and then.
  • Check It Out First: There’s less risk of buying defective products as you can check them out visually before purchasing. The shop’s employees can also help you choose the best strain and educate you in person, which is a big pro for some, especially beginners.

Bottom Line: You’re likely to pay more if you purchase kratom in physical shops rather than ordering it online. The best thing about this is that you get your orders right there and theninstant gratification. But if you’re after the best deal and prefer the convenience of ordering right in the comfort of your home, securing kratom online might be better.

image of kratom capsules convenience at a cost

Kratom Capsules: Convenience at a Cost

Kratom capsules normally have more expensive prices than the conventional powder form of kratom when compared on a gram-by-gram basis. Here is some additional information to help you.

  • They Cost More Because of the Encapsulation Process: The extra step of encapsulating kratom powder into capsules involves specialized equipment and labor outsourced to co-packers. This additional process partly explains the higher price points due to the increased labor and process involved.
  • Price Markup: Expect to pay about 25%- 75% more for kratom capsules than for the same quantity of kratom powder. This markup covers the encapsulation costs and extra labor.
  • DIY Savings: Yes, you can DIY your kratom capsules! DIY capsule machines and empty capsules are available on places like Amazon, which may help you save a few bucks! But remember that it may require patience, more time, and effort.

Tips to Lower the Cost of Your Kratom

We get it: You want to save on kratom costs as much as possible without sacrificing quality. Don’t worry—we’re here to help. Here are valuable tips for purchasing kratom products without breaking the bank.

  1. Join Vendor Mailing Lists: Many online kratom vendors offer exclusive discounts and offers to their subscribers. It’s a simple yet efficient way to stay updated with the latest sales and promotions.
  2. Ask About New Customer Discounts: If this is your first purchase with a vendor, inquire about any first-time customer discounts. Many vendors offer a welcome discount to attract new buyers.
  3. Loyalty Points Programs: Opt for vendors that reward you with points on every purchase. These points can often be redeemed for discounts on future orders, making you save more.
  4. Bulk Buys: Buying more usually means more affordable prices. Vendors often offer significant discounts when you purchase 1 kilo of powder or over 1000 capsules. This approach is incredibly cost-effective for regular users.
  5. DIY Tea and Capsules: Making your kratom tea and capsules can be a significant cost-saver. Buying powder in bulk and filling your tea bags or capsules cuts out the premium charge for convenience.
  6. Shop Around: Don’t settle on the first vendor you find. Compare online and local vendors’ prices, reviews, and trustworthiness to ensure you get the best deal.

CONTENT DISCLAIMER: The content on this page is strictly for entertainment purposes only. The content below has not been medically reviewed and is not intended to offer advice for use or intended use. For more information about kratom and its potential dangers, please visit the fda.gov site.

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