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How Much Does Kratom Cost?

How Much Does Kratom Cost?

Recent years have seen a growing interest in kratom, particularly its potential benefits on well-being. Those who have experienced it report positive effects on the mind and body, like relaxation, increased energy, and mood enhancement, among many others. 

And if you’ve landed on this article, chances are you’ve decided to try the herb yourself but have some questions. How much does kratom cost? Are there quality kratom products that fit my budget? Where do I find high-quality kratom, and how much should I prepare for the purchase?

The good news is you will find kratom vendors selling products that range from affordable to premium-priced. The not-so-good news is they may vary in the strain and strength of effects.

Before you buy kratom, read this guide to learn more about the cost of kratom, from the factors affecting kratom price to a cost comparison of different kratom products.

3 Factors That Affect Kratom Cost

 1. The Type or Strain of Kratom

The most significant factor affecting price is the strain or type of kratom. 

Kratom is an herb referring to Mitragyna speciosa—a native tree in Southeast Asia. As such, the most popular kratom strains are from countries in this region. These include Indo kratom, Bali kratom, Green Malay kratom, Thai kratom, Borneo kratom, and Malaysia kratom. 

Another well-known strain is Maeng Da kratom, one of the most potent blends from Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. The Green Maeng Da kratom strain is mainly known for the potency of its effects.

These kratom strains are typically available in different strain types, each with its unique set of potential benefits and strengths:

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Regarding price, some strains are more expensive than others depending on several factors, like the brand of kratom or the rarity of the strain.

For example, the yellow vein is a rare kratom strain that’s not yet widely available. As such, some brands may put a premium on their price versus their other strains. 

Before purchasing kratom, make it a point to compare the cost of different kratom strains across different brands.

 2. The Product or Form of Kratom 

Kratom products are available in different forms, the most popular ones being kratom powder and capsule. Unlike kratom strains, they don’t differ dramatically in price. Hence, choosing one product over the other is mainly a preference. 

Some factors to consider are the mode of preparation and consumption, how often you want to take it, and your desired strength per serving.

image of the product or form of kratom

Kratom powder is a good choice for bulk buying. It typically comes in packs of 250g, 500g, and 1,000g. Since a beverage requires only 1 to 2 grams per serving, stocking up on kratom powder will go a long way. Additionally, you’re bound to experience potent effects in just one serving.

Kratom capsules, on the other hand, offer smaller doses of kratom. On average, kratom capsules come in more miniature packs of 100 capsules. Each capsule contains around 500mg of kratom, thus giving you only around 50g per bottle.

Nonetheless, their primary advantage is how easily you can consume and bring them around. They don’t require any preparation, making them a worthy option for new users.

In short, when deciding between kratom powder or capsules, consider what suits your lifestyle and desired experience.

 3. Where You Buy Kratom

These days, you can buy kratom online or from local shops, each with its pros and cons regarding price.

Buying kratom in local shops eliminates the additional shipping cost for online orders. It also provides the benefit of allowing users to browse through items in person and validate their legitimacy. When all else fails, expert staff can assist and recommend the best option based on your goals.

However, when you buy kratom online, you’ll find it is generally cheaper than in retail shops. Some online vendors are more generous with free shipping deals and seasonal discounts. If product quality and safety are your concern, most online stores also offer customer support to address any questions when you buy kratom online. 

image of price comparisons of buying kratom locally vs online

Price Comparison of Buying Kratom Online Vs. Locally

In light of all the factors affecting kratom costs, users will find various kratom products that fit any budget. The market is full of kratom vendors offering products at different price points. Additionally, local shops and online stores also serve as an avenue to choose from various prices.

If you want to buy kratom, research all options before choosing the best one. 

To guide you in making a worthwhile purchase below is a cost comparison of low, mid, and high-tier kratom products you can refer to. Remember that these are average prices based on the best kratom brands. We also break down the difference between online and in-store kratom costs. 

Buying Kratom Powder Online Vs. In-Store

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Buying Kratom Capsules Online Vs. In-Store

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Other FAQs About Kratom Cost

Apart from knowing all the basics surrounding kratom costs, here are some of the most frequently asked questions to help manage your expectations when buying kratom.

How much does it cost to buy kratom in bulk?

As mentioned above, kratom powder is a good choice for bulk buying. 

Given the wide range of low-to-high-tier kratom brands, expect to spend between $90 to more than $200 per 1kg bag of kratom powder. 

You can also choose among more miniature packs, typically 250g and 500g. Based on the average cost of low-tier brands, a 250g bag can go for as low as $40.

How much does kratom cost per dose?

First, it’s essential to note that the recommended kratom dose depends on the type of product you’re consuming.

For kratom powder, experts recommend 1 to 2 grams per beverage. Assuming a 250g bag at $40, a daily dose of kratom can cost less than $0.32 per serving. 

On the other hand, Kratom capsules contain only 500mg of kratom per capsule. On average, a bottle of 250 capsules is around $60. In effect, consuming a kratom capsule daily will cost around $0.24. 

Although slightly cheaper, kratom capsules offer a much lower dose and, consequently, more mellow effects. You can get more bang for your buck with kratom powder.

image of other faqs about kratom cost

What is the price difference between different strains of kratom?

The price difference between kratom strains largely depends on the brand. However, more often than not, Maeng Da kratom products are the most premium-priced. It’s one of the most popular strains, thus leading to higher demand among users.

Other strains like Indo kratom, Bali kratom, Thai kratom, and the like typically cost the same. 

Overall, the price difference between strains generally exceeds a few dollars.

Are there any additional costs when you buy kratom online?

Yes. Perhaps the biggest concern about buying kratom online is the additional shipping cost. However, customers will be happy to know that most brands offer free shipping if they meet the minimum order requirement (at least $50 or more, depending on the brand). 

Are there any discounts or coupons available for purchasing kratom?

Yes, there are, especially among online kratom vendors. Apart from free shipping, it’s common for online sellers to reward customers with special promos year-round. These include discounts, price-offs, and freebies if the minimum order is met.

Despite additional shipping costs, buying kratom online is generally cheaper than in local kratom stores.


Now that you’re more familiar with the factors affecting kratom costs and the different price points available in the market, you are a step closer to choosing the right option for you. Fortunately for users, numerous brands sell different kratom strains and product forms, catering to different goals, and buying the highest quality kratom entails researching before purchasing.

Apart from your desired effects and strength, remember to consider the most suitable form for your lifestyle. Comparing in-store and online prices may also help you save a few bucks. Lastly, remember quality and safety even when working around a budget.

CONTENT DISCLAIMER: The content on this page is strictly for entertainment purposes only. The content below has not been medically reviewed and is not intended to offer advice for use or intended use. For more information about kratom and its potential dangers, please visit the fda.gov site.

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