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Everything You Need to Know About Planting Kratom Seeds

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Everything You Need to Know About Planting Kratom Seeds

Kratom is a famous botanical substance from the Mitragyna speciosa tree, native to Southeast Asia. Many kratom enthusiasts are keen on growing their trees from kratom seeds because it’s a rewarding experience that provides access to high-quality, harvestable leaves. This guide will give you steps and best practices for planting kratom seeds and offer a list of websites where you can buy the seeds online.

What Are Kratom Seeds?

Kratom seeds are the tiny, black seeds found inside the pods of Mitragyna speciosa (kratom) trees. These seeds are incredibly hardy and can be difficult to germinate, as they require a more specific environment than most other plants. For this reason, cultivating your own kratom tree from scratch can be a rewarding experience.

image of kratom seeds appearance

The Appearance of Kratom Seeds

Kratom seeds have a distinct appearance. Kratom seed pods have a rounded appearance and small bumps on the outside. These pods contain tiny, black, round seeds the size of a pinhead. These are slightly shiny and have a hard, leathery texture.

Steps for Growing Kratom Seeds at Your Home

Growing a kratom tree from kratom seeds can be challenging, but it’s certainly possible. The key to success is providing the seeds with the right environment and offering them plenty of attention and proper care. It’s important to note that kratom tree growth from seeds can be unpredictable, so you should prepare for some trial and error as you work to grow your kratom tree from tiny seeds.

Cultivating a kratom tree from a kratom seed is like growing any other plant. The most critical challenge is simulating its native environment by providing consistent warmth, humidity, and airflow. Most of all, you need lots of patience, as the success rate for growing fresh seeds is a mere 20%.

Here are the critical steps to growing kratom from seeds:

1. Set up the Growing Environment

Kratom trees are native to Southeast Asia, where the environment is hot and humid. For successful growth, you can mimic this kind of atmosphere by keeping an eye on the soil, the exposure to sunlight, and moisture. Kratom seeds thrive in soil rich in nitrogen, which encourages root growth.

You will also find that monitoring the temperature and humidity levels in your growing area is essential. Kratom trees grow in various tropical rainforests in Southeast Asia under the canopy of giant trees. While sunlight is vital for healthy growth, direct sunlight is not a priority. Kratom trees can thrive with at least 10 hours of indirect light daily.

image of place 6 to 10 seeds in a container

2. Place 6 to 10 Seeds in a Container

Kratom seeds do not have a high success rate when it comes to germination. To increase the chances of success, placing six to 10 seeds in a container with the appropriate mix of water, soil, and fertilizer is best. Sprinkle the seeds lightly on the soil’s surface and cover them with a thin layer of dirt.

3. Cover With a Plastic Wrap

Placing plastic wrap at the top of the container is an excellent way to maintain consistent humidity levels. The plastic cover locks in moisture, which will aid in the germination process. You can also add some drops of water to the soil whenever it appears dry. However, make sure you remove the plastic wrap at least once a day to allow air circulation and prevent mold from forming.

4. Water the Soil

Kratom trees need plenty of hydration to grow and thrive. To ensure your seeds have sufficient hydration, water the soil regularly with a fine misting spray bottle. Ensure you don’t overwater the soil, as this can lead to rotting seedlings.

Valuable Tips for Planting Kratom Seeds

Growing a kratom tree from a kratom seed can be daunting, but it’s doable if you practice due diligence. Here are some valuable tips to help you succeed in growing your kratom tree:

image of tips for planting kratom trees

Get Fresh Seeds

Thoroughly research and select a reputable Kratom seed supplier for the best results. It’s essential to get fresh, high-quality seeds that are viable for germination. Even with fresh seeds, the success rate stands at just 20%, which means only one out of five seeds you plant will germinate.

If you don’t have any access to fresh seeds, try your luck with dried seeds, which you can also purchase from online shops. However, bear in mind that the success rate for dried seeds is lower than for fresh seeds. A kratom seed is no longer fresh once separated from the mother tree for a few days.

Acquire a Kratom Clone

A kratom clone is a cutting taken from the root of an existing kratom tree. You can use it to grow a new tree that mirrors the genetic makeup of its parent. Cloning has become an effective way of propagating kratom trees, as it produces genetically identical copies that are more resistant to disease and other environmental factors.

Kratom clones come from asexual methods such as layering, cuttings, or using rootstock. You can purchase pre-made kratom clones from online shops or nurseries. This method is the easiest and most convenient way to obtain a viable clone of an established kratom tree.

Wait for the Right Time to Harvest Leaves

Once your plant starts growing, you may be eager to harvest its leaves. Remember that before harvesting, it is wise to wait until your kratom tree has matured and the leaves have reached their full size. Harvesting too early can reduce flavor, alkaloid content, and overall quality. So, it’s best to wait until your kratom tree has grown at least two to three years before you start harvesting.

image of legality of buying kratom

Can You Legally Buy Kratom Seeds?

Countries have different laws and regulations surrounding the cultivation of kratom.

In the United States, kratom is legal on a federal level. Still, some states and localities have chosen to make the substance’s sale, possession, growth, and use illegal. Others have placed age limits on it.

Where Can You Buy Kratom Seeds Online?

Sourcing and buying kratom seeds is not always easy. Here are some reliable websites selling high-quality kratom seeds:

1.Shamanic Extracts

Shamanic Extract is an online store that sells everything you need for your ethnobotanical, seed, herb, and plant needs. They specialize in exotic plants and herbs that have a long history of usage for healing, relaxation, or energy.

Price range: $22 / seed pod

image of mitra science kratom seeds you can buy online

2. Mitrascience

Mitrascience conducts extensive research to ensure they sell the highest quality bulk kratom at the lowest possible price. The company has worked for years to perfect its processes and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Price range: $40 / seed pod

3. Kratom Leaf

A South Florida-based company, Kratom Leaf has been cultivating kratom trees for over a decade. The company carefully samples and studies its trees, ensuring quality products.

Price range: $25 / seed pod

image of texas coast botanicals you can buy kratom seeds

4. Texas Coast Botanicals

Located on the barrier island of Galveston, Texas, the company is a family-owned nursery that specializes in growing kratom. The company offers high-quality kratom seeds at exceptional prices. Their fully rooted kratom clones come from mother trees on Galveston Island.

Price range: $40 / seed pod

CONTENT DISCLAIMER: The content on this page is strictly for entertainment purposes only. The content below has not been medically reviewed and is not intended to offer advice for use or intended use. For more information about kratom and its potential dangers, please visit the fda.gov site.

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