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White Vein Kratom Benefits, Effects, and Dosage

best white kratom strainsWhether you’re new to kratom as a whole or have tried plenty of strains over the years, it’s important to remember the three main categories, or veins, that kratom is classified through.

There are red, white, and green, each of which has its own unique properties and effects that make them different from one another. Their defining characteristic is their color, hence red, white, and green.

Among the three veins, white vein kratom is arguably the most unique. Its unmistakable white color can be mainly attributed to the special processing technique used to create the white kratom powder.

By keeping the kratom indoors, the powder stays white in color and produces different effects to that of red or green vein kratom. In fact, one could argue that white vein kratom is the polar opposite of red vein kratom, mainly because of its potential primary effect – energy-boosting.

While the immensely red vein kratom is known for providing a relaxing feeling to users, white vein kratom does the opposite. Of course, with all the different types of white vein kratom strains available in the market today, you can’t expect the same amount of potential energy-boosting and mood-uplifting effect in all of them.

In fact, some white vein kratom strains, such as White Horn Kratom, are known for also potentially giving users relaxing effects like red vein kratom. In general, though, the white vein kratom strains that we use today are more energy-boosting and less relax-inducing than their red vein counterparts.

These days, white vein kratom has found its popularity in being mixed with other substances. For example, many enjoy using white vein kratom powder in their coffee, to further enhance the energy-boosting effect that’s present in the caffeine. It’s also become a reliable energy-boosting supplement by itself and is used frequently by those who need to get work done all the time. Please be advised that mixing kratom with other things could open the door to additional adverse and potentially serious side effects, so its best to speak with a licensed medical professional before considering this.

White Vein Kratom Strains List

1. White Horn – White horn is the most popular and best-rated white kratom strain.

2. White Bali – White Bali is the second most popular white strain.

3. White Sumatra – Coming in third place, White Sumatra, has grown in popularity quickly.

4. White Thai – White Thai is the fourth most popular white kratom strain.

5. White Maeng Da – White MD is the fourth most popular.

6. White Borneo – White Borneo is similar to White Bali but less popular.

7. White Malay – White Malay is the 7th most popular.

8. White Dragon – White Dragon is quickly becoming more popular among white vein enthusiasts.

9. White Kali – White Kali (Kalimantan) is not very popular because it is not as well known as the above strains.

10. White Kapuas – White Hulu Kapuas comes from the Kapuas region in Indonesia

11. White Indo – White Indo is comparable to White Bali.

12. White Elephant – White Elephant is rarer strain that is the 12th most popular white strain.

White Vein Kratom Benefits

While white vein kratom is primarily known for its potential energy-boosting properties, that’s not the only benefit you might get from taking a few doses. White vein kratom might be used by people who feel mentally down, and might even assist people who are going through negative thought patterns. The kratom vein has become a potential method of uplifting one’s mood when in need of a pick-me-up.

White Vein Kratom Effects

Energy-boosting – White vein kratom’s primary and most popular property is its potential energy-boosting capabilities. As mentioned earlier, many people prefer to take their doses of white vein kratom alongside coffee, as they both might help increase alertness and energy in the body. It is worth noting, however, that because of this, it is generally recommended that users should only take their daily dose of kratom during the day, rather than the night. While veins like red vein kratom, which may give relaxing feelings, might be perfect before bed, white vein kratom can make one feel restless and can lead to sleepless nights if ingested too late in the evening.

Mood-boosting – Feeling down after a tired, long day of work? The properties of white vein kratom might potentially help you feel a lot lighter. White vein kratom’s potential mood-boosting properties uplift you without making you feel “high” like you would with red vein kratoms. It’s more of a bright and cheerful type of mood boost, which is great if you want to start your day right.

Relaxation – While white vein kratom strains aren’t nearly as relax-inducing as red vein kratom strains, some white vein kratom strains do have this property. It, surprisingly enough, works well in tandem with its energy-boosting properties as well. You’ll find that when taking a dose of white vein kratom, you’ll feel more at ease while getting an energy boost at the same time. That’s the type of relaxing effect that white vein kratom has on the body.

Focus-improving – If you’re about to take an examination or need to begin work on a serious project, you might be able to turn to white vein kratom for help. White vein kratom might give users the focus needed for serious and tiring projects and can be a life-saver when in a pinch or when barely making a deadline. When combined with the potential energy-boosting effect, white vein kratom might become one of the best ways to boost your work productivity.

White Vein Kratom Dosage

White vein kratom strains differ depending on the specific type of strain, the concentration of the powder, and the way that the powder was processed. However, there are some general guidelines that can help you get a good picture of how much white vein kratom you should be having at any given time.

Depending on where you search on the Internet, you’ll find that the recommended beginner’s dosage for white vein kratom sits anywhere between 0.5 to 3 grams. To be on the safe side, we recommend that you take only half a gram at first, to see how well you can tolerate the powder. After that, you can start working your way up. It’s perfectly fine to start out with 3 grams, but expect to feel a little dizzy or nauseous, depending on your natural tolerance to kratom.

It is generally accepted that 6-7 grams are considered a “high dose”, meaning that you’ll experience the full effect of white vein kratom with that amount. You should only try out 6-7 grams if you know you can handle a 5-gram dose with no side-effects. Any more than 7 grams can be potentially dangerous and is generally too much to take, regardless of tolerance level. You’ll be experiencing the full effect with as little of a dose as 4 grams, so you don’t need to go overboard.

Similar Strains

Since white vein kratom strains are, more or less, the opposite of red vein kratom strains, the most similar strains out there are the remaining category, green vein kratom strains. Green vein kratom strains are like a mix of white and red vein kratom strains, as they contain both of their effects in one strain.

CONTENT DISCLAIMER: The content on this page is strictly for entertainment purposes only. The content below has not been medically reviewed and is not intended to offer advice for use or intended use. For more information about kratom and its potential dangers, please visit the fda.gov site.