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Kratom Drug Test: Is It Detectable?

There are many legitimate reasons to be concerned about how long kratom stays in your system. If you are monitoring your intake, seeking to avoid tolerance, or applying for a new job, the presence of kratom alkaloids in your blood or urine can be relevant to your habits.

Unfortunately, kratom is detectable on select drug tests, which makes it easy for counselors or potential employers to tell if you have been taking kratom. On a positive note, a kratom drug test is accessible to those who wish to test themselves. Learn how to find out if kratom is in your system before third parties can find out.

image of can you drug test for kratom

Can You Drug Test for Kratom?


Kratom is something specialists now test for on a variety of drug tests. While kratom alkaloids are not discernible on standard five-panel drug tests, including NIDA-5 and SAMHSA-5, they will appear on a 10-panel drug test. Such tests are more effective at detecting kratom than blood or saliva samples.

Kratom also shows up on a 12-panel drug test, usually tailored to the client’s needs. For example, one employer may specifically test for PCP, while another may be looking to see if job applicants are active kratom users. That may be the case in states where kratom legality is murky.

Some drug tests only detect mitragynine, while others test for a broad spectrum of alkaloids, such as 7-hydroxy mitragynine and secondary kratom metabolites.

Kratom Detection Time in Urine

Many users have asked, “How long does kratom stay in the system?” While a negligible amount of mitragynine gets expelled in one’s urine, kratom does not automatically leave the system after you have taken it. The average half-life of kratom is twenty-four hours, but trace amounts of kratom can show up on specific urine tests after more than a week.

Typically, kratom is detectable for around five days, though specific kratom metabolites may appear on a drug test after seven days or more. It is unclear whether dosage plays any role in kratom metabolism. However, some believe the more kratom you take, the longer its metabolites will linger in your system.

image of kratom detection time in urine

Kratom may present on a blood test if you use kratom frequently or in high doses. Heavy users are more likely to have residual metabolites in their system than casual users who practice moderation. These metabolites may present on a blood test panel days after kratom use.

Fortunately, blood tests generally have a window of detection that is limited to hours before the sample gets taken. Therefore, should you take kratom and get tested, your odds of receiving a negative result are more likely if you haven’t taken kratom in several days.

The bad news is most doctors take urine samples to search for potential kratom abuse actively. A rapid test is available for kratom; this instant urine test for kratom gets engineered to detect mitragynine at or over 300 ng/mL. The detection period for a kratom rapid test is seven hours to three days.

Individuals Who Drug Test for Kratom

It is difficult to establish who may drug test you without an insider’s knowledge of a facility’s testing parameters. Some examples of institutions that drug test include law enforcement organizations, outpatient detox facilities, private corporations, and the U.S. military.

Kratom has been added to the DoD (Department of Defense) ‘s list of prohibited substances. Consequently, military service members are not allowed to use kratom. However, kratom use will not produce a positive result on a DoD drug test. In other words, military personnel are on an honor system, which takes for granted that service members will adhere to prohibition.

The Controlled Substances Act may not restrict kratom, but the United States DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) classifies it among its Drugs and Chemicals of Concern. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has issued a public warning, urging citizens to avoid kratom consumption.

Some U.S. states have regulated kratom sales, while others have outright banned kratom possession. Buying, selling, possessing, or using kratom in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin is illegal. Employers in these states may know how to detect kratom. Many individuals get keyed into kratom withdrawal symptoms.

Those who detect kratom may be concerned about unintentional drug overdose deaths or workplace liability. Drug abuse is a concern worldwide, particularly in the American South, where it has led to a rash of crimes, including prescription drug abuse and black-market drug sales.

Although many institutions mandate blood tests, urine testing is increasingly common. While higher doses of kratom put you at advanced risk of receiving a positive urine test result, kratom shows up even after low doses. Familiarizing yourself with current drug testing trends gets to be imperative.

image of factors that affect how long kratom remains in your system

Factors That Affect How Long Kratom Remains in Your System

These are some things for you to consider before taking kratom, especially if you know you are seeking employment or going for a workup at your doctor’s behest:

  • Kratom dosage
  • How often do you take kratom
  • Kratom strain and how it was processed
  • Kratom delivery system (e.g., chewed, imbibed, smoked)
  • Age, diet, weight
  • BMI (mitragynine binds to fatty tissues)
  • Metabolic contingencies
  • Hydration (or lack thereof)

Frequency of use is as pertinent to long-term consequences as kratom dosage. Where you get your kratom and what kind of kratom leaves you use are also paramount. Weaker kratom may vanish from one’s system after a few days, but more potent kratom strains, such as Maeng Da and Sumatra Kratom, may linger for seven days or more.

There are many methods of taking kratom and many variables to consider. If you want to ace that substance abuse test, you may want to drink lots of water before, during, and after kratom ingestion. Hydration is essential to your health and well-being, and it may affect the longevity of kratom metabolites.

Where to Buy Kratom Drug Test

Get the jump on employers concerned about substance abuse by drug testing yourself in the comfort of your home. You can order a 12-panel urine test on Amazon for as little as $16.99. A five-pack of Identify Diagnostics 12-Panel Drug Test Cup with BUP (Buprenorphine) sells for just $26.99. You can support a small business while determining where you stand vis-a-vis doctors, employers, and more.

Closing Thoughts

If you have been taking kratom regularly, you must know whether it is lingering in your system. Drug testing supply companies make it easy for you to discern the presence of mitragynine and other chemical components in your system. With widespread availability, there is no reason why you should wait to find out where you stand with kratom

CONTENT DISCLAIMER: The content on this page is strictly for entertainment purposes only. The content below has not been medically reviewed and is not intended to offer advice for use or intended use. For more information about kratom and its potential dangers, please visit the fda.gov site.

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