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A popular strain among the white vein kratom family, the White Borneo Kratom is a kratom bulwark worthy of its name of origin. A modern classic as most would agree, the White Borneo is an awesome option for those looking for that jumpstart energizing effect most kratom users look out for.

What Is This Strain?

The White Borneo Kratom is cultivated deep in the forests of the island of Borneo in Indonesia. Home to a tropical climate with frequent rainfall, the forest from which this plant grows is the perfect ecosystem for such a hardy product.

Many locals have regarded White Borneo as an important part of their culture, thoroughly incorporating it into their folk medicine and traditional rituals. Fortunately, the kratom market does not need to compete with the locals on this strain as it considered one of the most abundant and accessible kratom strains. More for us, so to speak.

The White strain of the Borneo family of kratoms is considered the strongest of the strains. Frequently considered mild strains, this Borneo strains pack a solid punch and produces consistent stimulatory effects for willing users.

What Are The Effects?

The White Borneo Kratom is much like that coffee fix you need in the morning except there is are none of the jittery and agitated sensations here. This strain produces a strong energy boost and provides a significant amount of mental focus and aptitude.

This has made the White Borneo a great option as a daytime or pick-me-up fix. The high levels of concentration and its prolonged staying power elevate White Borneo in its utility for users looking to get a lot of things done for the day.

For other users, the White Borneo resembles that of a green kratom strain, producing a slew of other beneficial effects. Not common in a white vein kratom, feelings of well-being and a mood-boosting aura are provided for in spades. It speaks of the flexibility of this strain in providing for the needs of its users.

One caveat for taking white strains however is taking too much too soon. White vein strains are considered one of the most potent kratoms available and prudent application of the principles of potency and tolerance helps the user tremendously. Identifying the ideal dose for each user the cornerstone to a smooth and carefree kratom experience.

Similar Strains

White Indo Kratom and the White Borneo are commonly associated with kratom strains. Many different circles dispute this claim however as the years have gone by, the more does the similarities become apparent. Both, after all, trace their origins to the land of Indonesia and therefore bear similar qualities.

White Thai Kratom from the lush forests of Thailand is a direct competitor of the White Borneo strain. Considered for its consistent stimulatory effect with accents of euphoric sensations, it is no wonder why this is commonly associated with the White Borneo strain. Both strains provide for the kratom user the needed energy boost for a long touch workday or workweek.

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa


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